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Achieving 100% Quality #IIC18

Tue. September 11| 3:15 PM - 4:10 PM | W196-B

Precision actuators have evolved from the old pneumatic technology of the 1950s to the modern smart actuator of the 21st century. These new electronic actuators are programmable in velocity, position, and force and have the ability to give real-time feedback as work is being performed. This combination can be used to perform quality checks of critical parts inline during the manufacturing process. Capping, leak test, screw-driving, switch/button testing, die bonding, thread checking, measurement, and many more applications have seen leaps in the quality of goods produced and reduced manufacturing costs. This session will discuss examples from electronics, packaging, and especially automotive, where a prominent airbag manufacturer, using old technology, resulted in customer injuries and recalls while another airbag manufacturer, using smart electronic actuators, continued production without issue.

Type: Integrated Industries Conference

Track: Integrated Industries

Handout(s): Achieving 100% Quality


Curtiss, Steve East US Sales Manager, SMAC Moving Coil Actuators