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Industry 4.0 and Model Based Enterprise for Quality Assurance - Inspection Efficiencies, Design Inputs, and Manufacturing Outputs #IMTS43

Wed. September 12| 1:15 PM - 2:10 PM | W193-A

The Industry 4.0 roadmap helps us visualize the path toward a complete digital enterprise, as Model Based Enterprise (MBE) uses today’s 3D CAD model to contain and provide rich content information to create, connect, and fully track relevant information for a part through its entire lifecycle.

MBE can contain PMI (Product & Manufacturing Information) like design intent, specifications, tolerances, toolpaths, and reporting standards. It provides interoperability, standardized methods and processes, and information efficiencies across design, supply chain, manufacturing, and quality assurance over a worldwide factory network.

This presentation will focus on one portion of this continuum - quality assurance, and its neighboring disciplines, and will explore the following questions:

  • What design intent information resides within a MBD CAD model that can promote quality assurance efficiency and correctness?
  • How can inspection machines use PMI and MBD for automatic programming to minimize machine down-time and maximize inspection throughput?
  • How can quality assurance output data improve, define and control manufacturing methods?
  • How does quality assurance use data organization and standardized reporting methods in a model to provide results in an annotated and organized manner – usable in a common form by all disciplines in the product lifecycle?
  • Get these questions answered and begin to understand today’s best practices in quality assurance and cross-discipline part inspection methods.

Type: IMTS Conference

Track: Quality


Groff, Tom
Groff, Tom Vice President of Sales, OGP | Role: Speaker