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August 15, 2024
11:00am - 11:30am ET
What to Expect When You Are Expecting to Get to IMTS

With a show as big as IMTS, even the most comprehensive checklist can be inadequate. Thankfully, the experts and veterans have been right where you are. Get move-in tips, go over important on-site locations, learn what to expect, and most importantly, get answers for all your lingering questions!
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July 18, 2024
11:00am - 11:30am ET
Let's Get Social

Let's get social! Learn how to utilize your digital and social presence before, during, and after IMTS 2024 with Elissa Davis, AMT's digital community specialist. Get the best tips and tricks to get traffic to your booth, website, and content to make the most of IMTS 2024.

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Did you miss a webinar? All Exhibitor 101 and other educational webinars are available for replay below or in your e-Kit. Recordings for webinars by Robyn Davis are exclusively available in your e-Kit.

Plan Early for Success

Sue Bartholomew
The importance of setting expectations, getting stakeholder commitment and buy-in and getting a plan outlined is critical to set a baseline for marketing planning and budgeting for 2024 and the IMTS Show. IMTS is not simply a 6-day show. It should be the heart of what your promotions, launches, and targeted results are for your business in 2024. What does success look like? What leads up to the show? What needs to be done early? It truly is the What, When, and How of what your marketing backbone should be to deliver the best results for your brand, company, and sales in 2024.

Reach More Qualified Leads with IMTS Exhibitor Passport

Jordan Marks
Exhibitor Passport is an online tool that is available exclusively to IMTS exhibitors. We will provide examples on how the tool can be used for pre-show marketing, marketing during the show, and post-show marketing, allowing exhibitors to connect with qualified leads throughout the year.

Quick Guide: Develop a PR & Marketing Plan to Maximize Your IMTS Investment

Sue Bartholomew & Chuck Schroeder
Are you overwhelmed or unsure how to market your IMTS 2024 exhibit? This seminar will give you the confidence to move forward with proven tactics to promote your organization before, during, and after the show.

The Best Buzz: Electrical Packages

Tim Kats
Don't let your electric bill be a shock! Attend this enlightening webinar with Tim Kats from Freeman Electrical to learn about the electrical packages for IMTS. He'll go over the options and share tips on how to take a grounded approach and save you big bucks on your electrical needs at the show.

Bang for Your Buck: A Guide to Sponsorships

John Campos
Whether your logo is covering tour buses or hanging from the rafters, sponsorship packages get your company noticed. In fact, exhibitor showrooms with expanded advertising packages received 4-18 times more views in 2022. Join us to learn about the available sponsorship opportunities through channels like Miles 4 Manufacturing, Transportation, ELEVATE programs, and many more!

Talking Ship(ping)

Thomas Gilmore, Jr. and Herbert Kaltschmid
Transportation, especially from overseas, can be tricky. You must be sure to complete the proper paperwork, make sure things leave on time, and have everything in order on both ends. Get tips on the literal ins and outs of Domestic and International Shipping to and from IMTS 2024.

Shop Talk

Moderator: Bonnie Gurney
Panelists: Stephanie Hendrixson, Brent Donaldson, Chris Pasion, and Kathy Webster
Want to know what the media is looking for out of you? Ask them. In this interactive panel Bonnie Gurney, Vice President – Strategic Content & Partnerships, sits with four editors to get their take on what they look for when writing a story.

Communicating to Your Ideal Customer

Debbie Holton
The most important people you will talk to at IMTS are your customers and potential customers. And you MUST speak their language. Debbie Holton, President, Converge Consulting Group, will help you create messaging that you want them to receive in the way they need to hear it.

Measuring Results: Lead generation & Data Analysis

Steve Barove, Jordan Marks
There is one reason to exhibit at IMTS – to get qualified leads. Steve and Jordan will not only show you how you can obtain leads – but how to measure, analyze and turn them in to sales.

How to Leverage Your Brand Through the World of Digital Media

Cathy Ma
One of the most effective ways a company can extend their brand is through digital media. While this strategy is extremely effective and profitable, there are so many channels and processes that it can be daunting. Cathy Ma will share tips and trips to not only get you started – but to make you successful.

This is Your Sign to Hang Signs

Mark Kennedy
Planning to hang a sign at IMTS? Mark Kennedy will walk you through the ins and out of the hanging sign process and share tips along the way.

CDS XPress Leads

Steve Barove, CDS
Holly Pope, IMTS
How will you collect leads at IMTS? Join our webinar to discover the CDS XPress Leads suite of products, including the innovative Digital Backpack. We'll share essential best practices to help you maximize your lead data collection and, most importantly, ensure effective follow-up. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your lead generation strategy!