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Your IMTS Budget Tool

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By Matt Lutz, Exhibitions Sales Manager

The IMTS Passport is an online business tool designed to provide IMTS exhibitors with additional sales opportunities and to increase booth traffic at IMTS, as well as at other events throughout the cycle.

We have recently added a Budget Tool function to Passport. This will allow your event or operations staff to track your company’s expenses related to IMTS. What makes this a unique function is that it is connected directly to the online Exhibitor Kit, or e-Kit. Every time you place an order in the e-Kit, that order information will be collected and loaded in the IMTS Budget Tool. For example, your company’s Custom Block Package, electricity, cleaning services or catering, will be loaded onto your Passport Budget Tool. If it is ordered through the e-Kit, it will be included in the Budget Tool.

Since not all expenses related to IMTS can be ordered through the e-Kit, you will still want to track and organize this information. Therefore, we have also included options for you called “User Defined” fields that will allow you to track line items such as staff travel, lodging, meals and marketing costs. This allows you to track any expense regardless if it is with an IMTS Vendor or not.

Another new feature in the Budget Tool is the analysis function. This allows you to compare your Actual Expenses from IMTS 2014 with your 2016 forecast to help keep your spending in check. We have also provided some comparisons of your show expenditures with other exhibitors of the same size and in the same hall, so that you can see how you measure up to similar sized exhibits in your area of the show.

We have also provided a Summary function, so that you can easily see and print out an itemized spreadsheet of your company’s expenses to date. At the touch of a button, you can display the expenses from IMTS 2014 with 2016 and track how you are trending based on your current show forecast. The Passport Budget Tool was designed specifically for IMTS exhibitors, and we hope you will find it useful for your sales, marketing and operational planning.

For more information on Passport, go to www.IMTS.com/passport. You can contact us for more information, or to request a demonstration of all the functions of the IMTS Passport.

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