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Many Hands, Make Light Work: Include Your Marketing Department in Planning for IMTS

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I am reminded of the old saying, “Many hands make light work.” Our house had three daughters, and we were all pushed into service during the holidays. Doing the entire dinner myself several times made me realize how much easier it was when everyone was involved.

You can think of IMTS as a big Thanksgiving meal, with many moving parts and opportunities, some of which you miss simply because you cannot do it all. So follow my family’s example and push everyone into service. Include your marketing team, your advertising agency, your production staff and anyone else who can be responsible for a portion of IMTS in your planning. In the e-Kit:

Update and Review Your Company's Contact Information

Add these individuals in your e-Kit and they will receive targeted information regarding IMTS:

  • Secondary Booth contact
  • Onsite contact
  • Marketing contact
  • Sales contact

For example, the Marketing Contact will receive information about the Email Campaign Manager. The Onsite contact will receive information about the upcoming Exhibitor Workshop. Pertinent webinars can be sent to your Sales Contact. Let everyone help, and in the end you get will so much more done.

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