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Industry Expert, Mitch Goozé, Shares Marketing Strategies

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We all understand manufacturing is a process, but can we also "manufacture" customers through similar processes? According to Mitch Goozé, we can! He’ll share how YOU will be able to use IMTS 2016 to do just that.

Learn answers to questions like:

  • How can you turn marketing and sales into a process?
  • How does a company get started on this path?
  • What are the traps in applying this concept to your company?

Get a glimpse of his tips in our recent webinar and see his full presentation at the IMTS Exhibitor Workshop, January 25 – 26, 2016.

ASK Mitch! Submit your questions directly @ http://www.askmitchgooze.com

More about his Workshop session: LEVERAGE YOUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE

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