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Boost Your Sales & Booth Traffic Through Targeted Marketing

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Would you like to know every potential customer that visited IMTS, but missed your booth?

If yes, then you need the IMTS Exhibitor Passport, a database of all buyers from the IMTS 2012 and IMTS 2014 events categorized by product interest, industry affiliation, geographic region and more. The IMTS 2016 Exhibitor Passport contains the names and contact information for visitors of IMTS 2012 and IMTS 2014. (Data for IMTS 2016 will be available in February.)

Passport holds 127 different “Product Interest” listings and more than 20 “Industry” classifications. Visitors select these designations when they register for IMTS, and we make them available exclusively to IMTS exhibitors. These demographics allow you to apply very specific search criteria to the visitor data and extract only those visitors who you think are appropriate. This targeted marketing approach reaches only those who may benefit from your product or service. The easy-to-use email tool within Passport lets you contact these prospects directly from your desktop at the click of a mouse.

Passport even provides a Pavilion filter. IMTS is a pavilion-based show – similar products and services are grouped together on the show floor. For example, by applying the “Product Interest” and “Industry” classification filters, and then searching a specific pavilion, you drill down further to find your qualified prospects.

Passport was created for and is available only to IMTS exhibitors.

If you have questions about the IMTS Exhibitor Passport or would be interested in an online demonstration, contact Matt Lutz, Sales Manager, in the IMTS Exhibitions Department at mlutz@AMTonline.org or call him at 703-827-5215.

Visit our Passport area for more information.

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