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Avoid Communication Pitfalls Preparing for IMTS

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We’ve heard it all…when exhibitors have been scammed…by hotels, publications, limo drivers, electric, travel specialists, false labor charges, the list goes on. The best way to be in the know for everything IMTS is to add your IMTS TEAM MEMBERS in your e-Kit.

Make sure the right people receive the IMTS e-Kit Wisdom e-newsletters, alerts and warnings. Here’s what we need from you to ensure we can help:

On-site Contact:

  • Hotel Rooms: Make sure you have a room…book within the IMTS rooming block.
  • Labor & Service: Receive alerts about scammers trying to impersonate official vendors.

Marketing Contact:

  • Advertising: Does your marketing team know there is a rogue show daily publication that costs exhibitors thousands of dollars each show? Make sure your ads are in the official IMTS ShowDaily.
  • Branding: Does your marketing team know how to maximize your brand @ IMTS? Don’t miss alerts for marketing opportunities.

Sales Contact:

  • Distributors: Are your distributors being used to their fullest potential? List them in your Company Profile which is live online now. Don’t miss a sale for lack of contact information.

Secondary Booth Contact:

  • Deadlines: Missed deadlines cost money…be sure your second–in-command is in the know. Life happens…make sure your IMTS booth is covered!

Ensure your team has “eyes” or “ears” on all of the podcasts and webinars we produce to help you save money, reduce missed deadlines, and know all of your options and opportunities to protect and maximize your investment in IMTS.

Log into e-Kit and add your team members in the Company Profile.

See below for screen shot sample:

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