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New Enhancements for IMTS 2016 Exhibitor Passport

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Exhibitors will find three new enhancements in Passport, making it even more useful in sales and marketing efforts:

  • Auto-split large lists
  • Multi-contact delete
  • Send multiple campaigns in a single day 

Auto-split large lists
"Auto-split large lists" allows you to send emails to the contacts in lists that are over the daily limit (10,000) by splitting them into smaller lists that can be used for an email campaign. The auto-split feature creates one or more lists with 10,000 contacts each (depending on the size of the original list) and another with the spillover (Ex: a list of 26,000 contacts will be broken into two lists of 10,000 and one list of 6,000). You can schedule an email for the first list, copy the campaign and send it to the second block, etc. The daily limit is still 10,000 per day but this feature allows you to split the list and then schedule the emails on successive days to stay within the daily limits.

Multi-contact delete
“Multi-contact delete” lets you remove contacts from an existing list by using text filters in each contact field. Suppose you want to delete some contacts from a created list – maybe they are competitors or current clients that you don’t want to send a particular email to. The "multi-contact delete" function allows you to set up a filter that will eliminate everyone from a particular company from an existing list.

Send multiple campaigns in a single day
Passport previously restricted you to sending no more than one email per day to no more than 10,000 contacts. Well, what if you had two or three emails that you wanted to send and the cumulative total of the contacts was less than 10,000? Passport now tracks the total number of emails as well as the number of contacts within each email. For example, if you have multiple emails, and the cumulative total of those emails is less than 10,000 contacts, you can send them on the same day.

These enhancements were a direct result of user feedback. If you have any suggestions for future enhancements to Passport please let us know by sending them to passportfeedback@amtonline.org

If you’re not using Passport and would like to schedule an online demonstration, or if you have questions, please contact Matt Lutz (mlutz@amtonline.org) at IMTS at 703-827-5215.

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