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IMTS Exhibitor Workshop Report: Exhibitor Passport

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Registration Analytics Help Exhibitors Hunt for Prospects

Anyone who has witnessed a presentation from “marketing gunslinger” and long-time IMTS supporter Steve Miller has probably heard his stories about “moose” hunting. By a moose, Miller means an IMTS visitor whose profile matches your target demographics. Smart hunters (exhibitors) only want to attract moose to their booth, and the number one tool they can use to “cull the herd” is the IMTS Exhibitor Passport.

Approximately 650 people attended the Exhibitor Workshop held last week, and about 450 of those witnessed a presentation from Miller titled, “How Passport Amplifies Your IMTS Success.” Specifically, he showed exhibitors how to use the Registration Analytics tool to create a laser-focused direct marketing campaign. Passport contains 25 main Product Categories with 127 sub-categories as well as 21 separate Industry classifications to help zero in on your ideal prospect.

The IMTS 2014 Registration database includes demographic and contact information for 59,203 attendees. (IMTS 2016 registration opens February 1 so users should look for that data shortly.) By using filters, Miller demonstrated how to whittle this massive list down from “all the animals in the forest” to “just the 342 moose” who you can most likely convert into customers.

While it may seem like common sense to use filters to narrow your prospect list, Miller explained that your booth team has a finite amount of time to meet with prospects. He emphasized that you must eliminate extraneous conversations so that you connect only with visitors who are likely to become sales leads. Or put another way: by filling your booth only with moose, you’re much more likely to bag a moose!

Pre-Show Marketing Campaign

Because the contacts in the registration database have given their permission to receive emails from IMTS, exhibitors who purchase the Passport can use the analytics, list manager and email manager tools to create a killer pre-show marketing campaign. Here are Miller’s campaign ideas, which should start in late July or early August:

  • Six weeks out: send a greeting card. Because the Passport also provides you with snail mail addresses, seriously consider a physical card.
    • Be sure to use the outside of the envelope wisely: craft an end-user focused message.
  • Five weeks out: send an email where users can click to view a video that demonstrates your product or service.
  • Four weeks out: send a personal letter. Take note: “Dear IMTS Visitor” is not personal!
  • Three weeks out: send an email with a whitepaper offer.
  • Two weeks out: telephone the prospect (or leave a voicemail) personally inviting them to your booth.
  • One week out: send a final email reminder.

During his presentation, Miller shared a story about an exhibitor at another trade show who boasted about how many trinkets he had handed out to random passersby to create tons of awareness. “I’ve never cashed a check on awareness,” Miller said. It’s a cold truth, but it provides a good reality check when evaluating how you spend your IMTS 2016 marketing communications budget.

In the conclusion to his presentation, Miller said that for a $2,300 value (until March 15, 2016), the IMTS Exhibitor Passport absolutely creates the most cost-effective tool for targeted communication with quality prospects. You know — meeting the moose that matter.

In his webinar, How to Hunt Moose, Part 1, Thur., Feb. 18, 11:00 a.m. ET, Steve will continue his Workshop presentation, “400% ROI?”, and explain further how to focus on your target market, the moose.

If you have questions about the IMTS Exhibitor Passport or would be interested in an online demonstration, contact Matt Lutz, Sales Manager, in the IMTS Exhibitions Department at mlutz@AMTonline.org or call him at 703-827-5215. You may also find out more on www.IMTS.com/passport.

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