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Get the Maximum Return on Your IMTS Investment

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For marketing at IMTS 2016, Mitch Goozé, recommends you start by following three basic steps, explained in this information-packed video:

  1. Set a goal, such as increase booth traffic or close a greater percentage of sales (and assign a specific number to those goals).
  2. Develop a strategy for achieving that goal, such as pre-show marketing tactics and booth design.
  3. Do everything in your power to make it happen.

Goozé uses Disney’s marketing success as an example of how to accomplish a goal. In this case it’s to “put on a show” for every visitor to their theme parks. To accomplish this goal, Disney workers are “cast members” who treat visitors as special guests. In the same way, IMTS exhibitors need to think about the experience they want for booth visitors. You need to plan your booth so that its appearance and signage make IMTS 2016 visitors think, “Oh, this is a fun ‘ride’ I want to go on.”

Your booth personnel also need to deliver a great experience. Goozé says to bring your “A-team,” those who will greet and interact with customers most effectively. Equally important at IMTS, booth personnel need to know how to graciously disengage with booth visitors who are nice people but who can’t advance your trade show goals.

Goozé’s expert marketing advice emphasizes this point: marketing success requires that you deliver something that customers can’t buy anywhere else. The only way to learn that is to actually talk to customers. This means that the CEO and/or CMO needs to get out in the marketplace and spend more time with customers. Don’t spend time trying to close a deal (“That would make you the account manager.”) or don’t try to solve a problem (“That would make you the customer service manager.”). You need to learn what customers really care about. Avoid the trap of thinking that customer satisfaction surveys provide the answer.

Use the IMTS e-Kit checklist to plan your pre-show marketing tactics such as hiring booth talent, finding marketing and sponsorship opportunities, and send marketing post cards.

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