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SHIPPING 101: PART 2, Routes and Marshalling Yard

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Watch this video with your selected carrier to get in and out of the McCormick Place Marshalling Yard quickly. Traffic patterns have changed since 2014.

Step 1, Truck Marshalling

Tom Gilmore, Jr. of GES and Bill Swain, GES senior operations manager, explain that upon arrival your carrier will need to stop at the gate and pay a $23 parking fee, charged by the building, not GES. Please make sure your carrier understands there is a fee for parking in the yard.

The carrier must come all the way into the marshalling yard as the road is narrow and there is absolutely no stopping or parking on the access road.

Once in the gate, your carrier will be met by a traffic guide who will give them a parking spot and then lead them to the on-site scales to be weighed.

Step 2, Scaling and Scale Ticket

Dave Mata, GES logistics manager, explains every carrier truck must be weighed. Before every show, the scale is certified by a licensed weight company to make sure the scale is accurate. GES provides a low-profile scale for larger trucks, low-boys, and triple-axels with heavy machinery.

Step 3, Paperwork

Once the carrier truck is finished with weighing, he or she needs to enter the GES marshalling yard office to receive paper work to access the show floor and unload crates. The carrier needs to provide:

  1. Company name
  2. Booth name and number
  3. Floor contact name and phone number (Especially important, should issues arise they can be resolved quickly.)

In turn GES provides the carrier with the following three items of documentation:

  1. Receiving report
  2. Hard card
  3. Driver number (This number becomes how GES will identify the carrier. The number needs to be displayed in the vehicle windshield visible to someone outside the vehicle.


Make sure your driver checks in on your target date and time. Otherwise your carrier cannot check in.

Share this process and video with your carrier.


Bob Ryley, vice president of GES, encourages you to communicate as often as necessary so that GES can be of service to you. “The only bad question, is the question not asked,” says Bob. In addition, he repeats, “Plan your work and work your plan – and communicate.”

Questions? Call the GES call center at 866-280-7765.

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