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It’s Showtime — Start Producing!

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What does the world of television production have to do with your world at IMTS?

AMT's Bill Herman caught up with Emmy Award-winning TV Producer, Writer, Performer, and Founder of Producing Results Bill Stainton at the IMTS Workshop.

There’s a lot at stake at IMTS 2016. To achieve your desired results, nothing about your show should be left to chance. Bill pronounces, “This is not a dress rehearsal; it’s show time. You are your own producer, and your job begins now. “

Choosing your cast, or in this case, who you surround yourself with to produce your IMTS 2016 show, is critical to positive results. Include five types of people in your IMTS cast:

  1. a smart person who disagrees with you
  2. a “butt kicker”
  3. a veteran
  4. someone who knows someone — “the connector”
  5. the “wacky neighbor”

First, the smart person who disagrees with you may be irritating but is definitely invaluable. Your “butt kicker” is the person who knows it’s time to take action and get something done, because, as Stainton says, “The universe rewards action.” Next, a veteran member, who has been down this road before and will help you get through the rough spots, and the “connector” who knows people who know things you need to know.

Lastly, you want a “wacky neighbor,” someone who thinks unconventionally to come up with ideas that most will not. Focusing on the wacky neighbor, Stainton explains the importance of having someone close to you who sees the world through a different lens, citing a previous scheduling crisis during his tenure as a producer of a local TV talk show in Seattle.

When an eleventh-hour cancellation produced panic, the cast member, now known as “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” offered to perform an experiment with liquid nitrogen. The idea not only opened Stainton’s eyes to an unusual approach for filling the canceled spot, but also got him out of a scheduling jam.

Stainton explains more in this one-on-one interview. He helps you zero in on what matters to your life and business to gain results. As he says, “Because when it’s showtime, all that matters is results. And in your business, as well as in your life, every day is showtime.”

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