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Building the Best Exhibit on Budget

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AMT Communications Manager Kathy K. Webster put questions to Ed Zelinskas, E.V.P. of Business Development at LAB Exhibits, during the IMTS 2016 Exhibitor Workshop.

Your booth display says a lot about you. In fact, “It’s more than a display, it’s an experience,” declares Ed. With your target audience top-of-mind, consider carefully five steps to achieving the most effective exhibit:

  • Find the right vendor
  • Present a detailed design that considers form and function
  • Stay consistent with your marketing (website, literature, etc.)
  • Maintain control of the display house in terms of covering all proposed items
  • Execute the process efficiently

Your exhibit house should make suggestions that help you accomplish your goals, ensuring you reach the right audience and leave them with a positive and memorable experience. Your display should create nothing less than intrigue and a desire to work with you. A custom display house should request as much information from you as possible up front, as well as and detailed communication throughout your relationship.

Because face-to-face sales is a disappearing art, your display house will take into account your “boothmanship” and can provide supporting designs. “Most decisions are made within four-to-five seconds of speaking with someone,” explains Ed.

In addition, reach out to your target audience pre-show. “You are throwing a party; your own little display is an event in itself,” adds Ed. Consider marketing your display as well, such as in lobbies, airports and hotels and on buses.

In order to get the most from your budget, share it with your display house up front so they might discover items you haven’t considered and uncover areas where you might be able to stretch your budget a little further. Providing suggestions that save you money, such as buying a display monitor directly and shipping it to your vendor, is their expertise.

Additional recommendations include choosing a vendor near the show’s city to overcome last-minute curve balls, visiting other large trade shows for ideas, keeping a detailed installment schedule and asking about an exhibit house’s policy for accepting a “not-to-exceed” quote.

Ed explains more in this interview about working with a custom display house to create your best booth on budget.

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