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Get the Maximum Return on Your IMTS Investment

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AMT's Kelsey Tuck caught up with Mitch Goozé, principal of Customer Manufacturing Group, at the IMTS Workshop.

To maximize your return and leverage your competitive advantage at IMTS 2016, Goozé recommends three basic steps:

  1. Set a goal, such as closing a specific number of sales.
  2. Develop a strategy for achieving that goal, such as pre-show marketing tactics, booth design, and selecting the right people to staff the booth.
  3. Do everything in your power to make it happen.

Goozé uses Disney’s marketing success as an example of how to accomplish a goal. Disney’s goal, is to “put on a fun show” for every visitor to their theme parks. To do this, Disney has designed all its theme parks in way that is recognizable, memorable and enjoyable for all visitors.

In the same way, IMTS exhibitors need to think about the experience they want for booth visitors, and plan the booth appearance and signage to make IMTS visitors think, “Oh, this is a fun ‘ride’ I want to go on.”

Disney’s park employees are “cast members” who treat visitors as special guests. Exhibitor “cast members” need to deliver a great experience by bringing their “A-team” — those who will interact with customers positively and effectively. Exhibitors need to know how to graciously disengage with booth visitors who can’t advance your trade show goals.

Goozé points out that exhibitors can leverage their competitive advantage by listening to customers about what they need to buy, instead of focusing on what you are trying to sell. He emphasizes that marketing success requires delivering something that customers can’t buy anywhere else.

Marketing, Advertising and the Power of PR—Don't Leave Success to Chance

IMTS provides a variety of marketing tools to better ensure you connect with prospects before the show, at the show and after the show.

Also, remember to use the IMTS e-Kit to plan your pre-show marketing tactics.

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