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Beware of Fraudulent Carpet Vendors

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By Bob Ryley, Vice President – National Sales, Global Experience Specialists

We are just more than 100 days away from the move in of IMTS 2016! There has been a lot of phone and chat traffic coming to our National Servicenter™ as well as the IMTS Freight Call Center in Chicago. We always get questions regarding the inclusions in the Custom Block Package program. One of the messages that we also hear is that you are being solicited from outside vendors to provide products or services that are included in the Custom Block Package. The most common is carpet.

As a general reminder…26 ounce plush carpet, visqueen protective covering, and nightly cleaning are included in all levels of the Custom Block Packages. Please do not respond to or purchase carpet from outside vendors claiming to be official suppliers to IMTS 2016, or able to provide at less than show manual rates. It’s simply not true.

Here’s why. Carpet from a third party supplier cannot unload into the exhibit space until your target date, which will complicate the move in of your freight and machinery. The physical weight of the carpet also adds to your total freight weight in the booth, which is the determining factor in calculating your freight density that places you into a Custom Block Package level. It can not only cause you delay and inconvenience, it could cost you substantially more if your package level moves up due to the extra weight.

If you have questions, please call Amanda Butler at the IMTS Call Center in Chicago at (630) 539-4872.

Also included in the Custom Block Package plans are all your unloading and reloading of freight and machinery, storage of empty cartons, crates and skids, machinery rigging labor and equipment if required, and in some cases when rigging labor is not required standard furniture is also included.

GES also offers a series of package upgrades that include other commonly purchased products or services. These are offered at fair rates providing additional cost certainty.

We look forward to being of service this August and September!

Important Note

The IMTS Official Vendor logo is required to be on all IMTS vendor material. So look for the logo. If there isn’t a logo then check the official vendor list or send an email to info@IMTS.com

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