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Do You Want to be on IMTSTV?

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We were excited to see a few exhibitors on Twitter posting with #iwannabeonIMTStv. We loved the idea and we’re making it into a contest. Thanks to @Microconic, @DestinyTools and @BluePhotonGrip for starting the conversation.

#iwannabeonIMTStv contest info:

  1. Contest is open to IMTS exhibitors that would like to be considered for IMTSTV at IMTS 2016.
  2. Post on social media why you think your company should be on IMTSTV. Post on Instagram, Twitter LinkedIn and/or Facebook with short video clips or images that show us why. Tag us and use the #iwannabeonIMTStv.
  3. Submit your entry to the contest on IMTS.com/iwannabeonIMTSTV to make sure we saw it!
  4. IMTSTV Staff will pick the best entries and our video production crew will visit your booth, conduct an interview and broadcast it on IMTSTV at the show.
  5. The winners may elect to do the interview in their booth or in the North IMTSTV Studio. Interviews will be conducted on Sunday, September 11.
  6. Contest ends September 2, 2016.

Want to know more ways you can be on IMTSTV?

  1. Are you an expert on an important, innovative or challenging industry topic? If so, let us know and you may be invited to discuss the topic on our show with IMTSTV host Emilie Barta.
    *Note that the interview will not be about the company or company products; these interviews are specifically about issues facing the industry.
  2. Do you have something new, exciting and innovative to share in your booth? If so, let us know and we may bring our crew to your booth so you can show us all about it. In-booth interviews are broadcast on our afternoon technology show and on the IMTS.com website.

IMTSTV Contact:

Diyana Hrzic
Assistant Director Exhibitions Communications

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