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Is Print Really Dead?

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Print is dead. This refrain is echoed over and over in popular media and is often accepted as a statement of fact. But is it true? It’s not that simple, says Travis Egan, Group Publisher for Gardner Business Media.

Egan cited the Media Usage in Manufacturing Report conducted by Gardner Business Media.

The report provides comprehensive insight into what drives media consumers and provides excellent guidance for advertisers. During a recent interview with IMTSTV, Egan highlighted the importance of the report and its findings.

Gardner Business Media began conducting the Usage survey in 2011 as a product development tool. They also wanted to share the insights gleaned from the survey with their readers, so they can better meet the needs of their own customers and drive sales.

Covering both print and electronic media usage, the study shows that there are many sophisticated media players in the manufacturing industry. Increasingly, there are a lot of companies in the industry who are making use of social media for marketing purposes. However, this does not mean that print is dead.

Egan noted that the most important thing for any company to consider is balance. Companies have to find the right balance of print, online and social media marketing for their company and their customer base. The Media Usage Report will help companies see trends over time and determine the best balance to meet their needs.

The archived Media Usage in Manufacturing Reports are available online at gardenerweb.com. For more information about marketing trends, as well as valuable economic forecasts, plan to attend the Global Forecasting and Marketing Conference in Miami, Fl., on October 19-21, 2016.

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