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Learn the Ins & Outs of the e-Kit

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At the IMTS 2018 Exhibitor Workshop Julie Baker, Vice President of Technology & Customer Relations at Map Your Show, presented 10 quick tips to make the e-Kit work for you to improve your IMTS success. Pick up some shortcuts, use organizational strategies, and learn why your e-Kit Company Profile needs to be accurate and polished.

Skim her tips below, watch her presentation or review her slides

  1. Keep your company profile up-to-date in your e-Kit.
  2. Select your booth number if you have more than one.
  3. In the e-Kit Checklist, use all the search options. Type in a key word, filter by category, and filter by “Completed,” “Custom Items,” “Due Next,” “Hidden” and “To Do.”
  4. Checklists has two tabs: “Forms” and “Information.”
  5. Sort Forms and Information by clicking “Due Dates” or “Alphabetically,” located on the right side.
  6. If a Form or Information does not apply to you, then hide it by clicking “Hide.”
  7. Click “Unhide” if you’ve hidden a Form or Information that you now need.
  8. Add notes to any Form or Information by clicking “Note.”
  9. Sign up for email reminders for any Form or Information sheet by clicking on “Reminder.”
  10. Need to add Items not in Checklist? Click on the green button labeled “Add An Item” and complete the task by adding item title, due date, and category.

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