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As we draw closer to showtime, a lot of items in the Exhibitor Checklist are due soon. Be sure to log into your e-Kit and click on your Checklist to make sure you don't miss important due dates!

Form Name Due Date
Advanced Shipping Labels – International Association Booth 7/25
Plumbing Labor Order Form 7/25
Plumbing, Air, Water and Gas Form 7/25
Shipping Domestic (GES Logistics) 7/25
Shipping Labels – Advance Warehouse 7/25
Custom Block Level Upgrade Order Form 7/25
Carpet and Flooring Order Form 7/25
Graphics & Signage Order Form 7/25
IMTS Show Daily Advertisement 7/27
Transportation Sponsorships 7/27
Lead Retrieval Order Form 7/30
Meeting Room Reservation 7/31
Domestic Brochure Order Form 8/1
Exhibitor Housing 8/1
Installation & Dismantling Order Form 8/1
Cleaning and Porter Order Form 8/1
Crane Labor Order Form 8/1
Advanced Warehouse Material Handling Order Form 8/1
Booth Layout Form 8/1
Display Cases Order Form 8/1
Exhibit Systems & Accessories 8/1
Forklift Labor & Equipment Order Form 8/1
Furniture – (Specialty Furniture) 8/1
Furniture – (Standard Furniture) 8/1
Furniture – Accessories Order Form – A la Carte Options 8/1
Furniture – Chairs and Seating Order Form – A la Carte Options 8/1
Furniture – Tables and Counters Order Form – A la Carte Options 8/1
GES Order Confirmation Review 8/1
Scrap Removal Order Form 8/1
Storage – Trailer Accessible Order Form 8/1
Straight Oil Waste & Water Soluble Waste Order Form 8/1

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