Market Your Booth - The Press Release

Be sure to get the news about your IMTS exhibits to the manufacturing technology audience!

Help meet your show objectives with a strong public relations program that supports your exhibit at IMTS. IMTS makes it easy with information on key industry publications, special pre- and post- show issues and tips on how to prepare and submit your press materials to get the best response.  

The Elements of a Good Press Release

Make sure it is well-written. Accurate, correctly spelled and well-organized press releases will gain far more attention than those that are not. A good proofreader is worth his or her weight in gold.

A good press release is a one- to three-page document that features news about your company, products or services and is written in the style of a news story.

Virtual Press Release Writer™ is a "wizard" that results in a finished press release when you complete a simple web-based form about your company and the products you'll be exhibiting at IMTS. It takes all the worry about "being a writer" away! Look for the Virtual Press Release Writer in the e-Kit to get started.

If you prefer to write your own press release here are a few questions to help get started. 

  • What's new or unique about this?
  • Why would readers (your prospects) be interested?
  • What problem does it solve?

Use a good headline that announces what the press release is about. Follow that with a strong "lead" paragraph that highlights what is new or different. Short sentences and paragraphs are two other keys to success. In fact, a short press release has more impact than one that goes on and on and includes off-topic information. Be sure to include photos of your product, or offer to provide them.

Be sure to include contact information so that if an editor has a question or wants to conduct an interview, he or she can reach you.

Publishing Your Press Release

Once you've created your press release(s), you will want to upload them, along with photos, to the Online Media Center that you can access through your e-Kit. This system makes submitting your press materials simple and convenient, and it's where editors come to find news. Plus, every week we e-mail editors a list of what's new from exhibitors in the Online Media Center.

And, don't forget about the key publications list. Send your press materials directly to editors to really make sure the power of the press works for you.

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