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Pre-Show Marketing

Your company invests a lot of time, energy, and money into IMTS. Don’t let an opportunity to get more qualified leads and generate more sales pass you by!

It’s more than a list of visitors; it is a dynamic tool that is both customizable and searchable. With detailed information on individual leads you can create a targeted email, phone, and direct mail campaign to visitors that would be interested in your product. You can also import your own customer and prospect lists from other tools and merge them with the lists you generate in Passport.

Get the most out of your show investment by accessing the only tool that will provide you with comprehensive visitor information. Go to IMTS 2020 prepared to turn visitors into customers.

With IMTS Exhibitor Passport, beginning in February 2020 you have access to ALL visitors, plus the ability to sort, filter, pre-qualify, and contact thousands of opportunities who have indicated interest in your products.

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What Some of Our Customers Have to Say:

Paul Chen, Vice President Business Development & Marketing, FFG Europe & Americas, MAG Automotive LLC
“As a first-time user, I found Exhibitor Passport to be an extremely useful tool for reaching out to IMTS registered visitors before and after the show.”
Paul Chen
Vice President Business Development & Marketing, FFG Europe & Americas, MAG Automotive LLC

Erika Szabo, Marketing Manager, Tornos Technologies US Corporation
“The IMTS Exhibitor Passport is our gateway to success! I did not know previously that this tool could help me promote Tornos' events outside of IMTS. I can reach more buyers and create custom campaigns for our events by simply uploading my own html-based newsletter template. It's as easy as that! If you need an additional campaign-manager tool to your company's CRM, I highly recommend Exhibitor Passport – a digital sales tool that takes you places!”
Erika Szabo
Marketing Manager, Tornos Technologies US Corporation

Greg Bennett, OmegaCube Technologies
“We have found AMT's Exhibitor Passport to be a strong tool, as a part of our Email Marketing program. Also, support has been excellent, which helps make the system easy to use.”
Greg Bennett
OmegaCube Technologies
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