Reach your ideal customer!

The IMTS Exhibitor Passport is a Web-based application backed by exclusive IMTS 2016 data and designed for exhibitors' year-round sales and marketing needs.

  • IMTS 2016 Registration and show-floor Lead data has been loaded to Passport!
  • Identify leads you missed at IMTS 2016
  • Easily manage lists you create and even upload your own data
  • Contact customers through the built-in Email Manager
  • Keep track of your IMTS budget at a glance

These five powerful tools will get your company noticed now!

Purchase your subscription to the IMTS Exhibitor Passport today and save $700.

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  • Matt Lutz

Customer Prospecting

Identify new customers searching for your product or within your industry

Lead Analytics: Find qualified customers from IMTS 2016 registration data and those that missed your booth.   Learn More


Registration Analytics:   Filter using a variety of categories, including buying role, territory or product interest, to determine your ideal customer profile   Learn More


Customer Outreach

Integrated data makes managing your marketing lists easier

List Manager:   Import, store and organize your contact lists   Learn More


Email Manager:   Send messages to your current customers and prospecting lists  
Learn More


IMTS Planning

Keep your IMTS expenses in check and estimate costs at-a-glance

Budget Tool:   Save time with pre-populated data from IMTS 2016    Learn More