Transportation Sponsorships

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Transportation Sponsorships

Provided by: CMAC

Include your branding on the go! Imagine visibility on the hotel shuttles buses, signage, while seated on the buses and inside McCormick Place. DRIVE traffic to your booth!

  • City-wide Exposure
    Visitor attention and a captive audience, to and from official hotels and McCormick Place.
  • On-site
    Multiple opportunities for your company to stand out as attendees arrive/leave and move from building to building as they navigate the show.
  • Customizable Options at Various Price Points
    No matter your budget, we have impactful options for every price point.

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Example of full bus wrap

Full Bus Wraps

The ulimate high-impact way to promote your company. These buses are literally huge traveling billboards.

Example of king bus wrap

King Bus Wraps

Abbreviated wrap between the wheel wells provide extreme visibility from both sides of the bus.

Example of side ribbons

Side Ribbons

2'h ribbon signs belt the side of the bus. Available in 10', 20', or 30' printed vinyl lengths. Effectively brand the bus on the entry side or both sides for maximum exposure.

Example of window signs

Window Signs

4'w x 2'h signs on one or multiple windows on entry or both sides of the bus.

Route ID Signs

Route ID Signs

Logo and booth number on signs at the entrace of all vehicles.

Transportation flyers

Transportation Flyer

Full page back cover ad on flyers online and on show app.

Hotel Lobby Signs

Hotel Lobby

19"w x 6"h color ad on lobby signs at all official show hotels.

South Building Lobby Signs

South Building Lobby

18.5"w x 86"h wing panel ad on route signs in the transportation lobby.

South Building Curbside Signs

South Building Curbside

34"w x 8"h color ad on each boarding sign at each route.

East Building Curbside Boarding signs

East Building Curbside Boarding

One boarding sign with 34"w x 15"h color ad and multiple hanging corridor signs with 96"w x 8"h color ad in the boarding area. Catch all attendees on both arrival and departure.

Headrest Covers

Headrest Covers

20 rear facing covers per bus with crisp white linen covers on aisle seats with same 7" sq. color ad.

Interior visor signs

Interior Visor Signs

40"w x 12"h full color placard displayed over the right mega windshield facing seated and exiting passengers.

Interior Window Signs

Interior Window Signs

Six 24"w x 12"h signs on interior bus windows next to seated passengers.