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Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities Presented by AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology


$2,500 per sponsorship - Limited to 35 Companies

Click to download informational PDF about LATAM Night at IMTS 2020

LATAM Night at IMTS provides your company with a cost-efficient way to market your brand message directly to your current and potential customers at IMTS who are more comfortable learning and networking in Spanish.

By becoming a sponsor of LATAM Night at IMTS, your brand is included in the event promotion that flows through the massive IMTS marketing engine in the 9 months leading up to the show, taking your brand well beyond the actual reception.

Limited to 35 companies, each paying an affordable rate of $2,500 (less than you’d spend on taking a group of clients to dinner for one night!) this event will be an engaging, effective highlight of a months-long promotion of LATAM Night that will include your company!

Access to this important segment of the IMTS audience through LATAM Night is limited. Only sponsor companies will be allowed inside and, to avoid it being dominated by staff, each sponsorship will only include three (3) registrations in the $2,500 fee. (additional sponsor passes available for $75 per pass).

To apply for sponsorship of LATAM Night at IMTS, contact Bill Herman, AMT Director of International Events & Sponsorship, at bherman@amtonline.org or direct at 703-827-5282.

Parking Structure Sponsor Branding

$17,500 per level

*For brand differentiation, each company is limited to one level

Create your brand impression at IMTS from the moment your customers arrive. Literally!

By becoming a sponsor of one level of parking Lot A, you control the brand message for visitors from the time they arrive to McCormick Place. Parking structure sponsors will see their brand online in the IMTS website and mobile app, in maps and show guides, and onsite in bold, strategically-placed locations that drive home your brand and your booth location.

Taken together, parking structure branding delivers tens of thousands of impressions, all designed to pull even more potential customers to your booth!

For more information on how your company can harness the strength of this new opportunity, contact Bill Herman at 703-827-5282 or BHerman@AMTonline.org.

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