Sponsorship Opportunities: Transportation

Transportation Sponsorship Opportunities

Presented by CMAC – Contact bobk@cmac.net

Shuttle Buses: Exterior

Full Vinyl Wrap

Full Wrap


Full vinyl wraps: covers full sides, back, and front strip of shuttle buses.

King Vinyl Wrap

King Wrap


King vinyl wraps: covers both sides, top to bottom, between the wheel wells of shuttle buses.

Side Ribbons

Side Ribbons

$1,700 – $5,900/ea

Side ribbons: 10', 20', 30', and 36'W x 2'H banners belt shuttle buses on one or both sides.

Window Signs

Window Signs

$750/bus - Single Sign
$2,150/bus - Triple Signs

4'W x 2'H signs on the 2nd window.
(Can do multiples as well)

Route ID Signs

Route ID Signs

$5,000 Exclusive

Exhibitor logo and booth # on route ID signs at the entrance of all shuttle buses.

Shuttle Buses: Interior

Headrest Covers

Headrest Covers

$900/bus – Standard Install
$1,775/bus – Expanded Install

7" square rear-facing image on crips white duck covers.
Standard Install: 20 covers on aisle seats.
Expanded Install: 40 covers on all seats first 10 rows.

Interior Visor Signs

Interior Visor Signs


40"W x 12"H sign on right front windshield facing all passengers.

Hotel & McCormick Place Shuttle Boarding Signage

Hotel Lobby Signs

Hotel Lobby Signs

$25,000 Package

19"W x 6"H ads on bus schedule signs at all official hotels.

Boarding signs: South Building

Shuttle Bus Lobby Signs South Building

$8,000 Package

Shuttle bus inside South Lobby boarding signs: Double-sided wing signs (86”h x 18.5”w) on 8 Route Kiosk signs inside the South bus lobby by main registration hall.

Curbside signs: South Building

Shuttle Bus Curbside Signs South Building

$4,000 Package

Curbside signs (8) outside South bus lobby – double-sided with 34"W x 8"H ads.

East Building: Route 2-6 Signs

Shuttle Bus East Building Boarding Signs

$5,000 Package: All Routes 1 – 6

Rt 1 - two-sided floor stand sign with 34"w x 15"h ad.
Rts 2-6 - two-sided hanging signs with 96"w x 8"h ads.

Tram Service

Inter Building Tram Service

Inter-Building Tram Service

$5,000 ea of 4

Ad package includes 4 top signs (two 96"W x 16"h, two 32"W x 16"H) and 4 under-seat and 1 nose sign 14"W x 8"H.

Tram Benches

Tram Stop Benches

$650 ea

40"W x 12"H signs on benches at East (4) and South (4) stops.

Transportation Flyer

Transportation Flyer Full Back Page Ad

Transportation Flyer:
Full Back Page Ad


Full page back cover color ad (8" x 5.5") on tri-fold flyers distributed at McCormick Place and at all official show hotels.

expoVu Digital LED Signage at Every McCormick Place Hall Entrance

expoVu Signs

expoVu Signs

Packages Starting at $4,500

Bright 23"W x 80"H freestanding screens near entrance of all Halls hosting 10-second spots repeating every 2 minutes. Signs will display loop of ads and show info all 6 days of the show. 1440 spots for each Ad on each screen purchased. Starting package is 2 screens at entrance of a hall.

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