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IMTS is where the creators, pioneers, visionaries, and drivers of manufacturing technology come to connect, be inspired, and find solutions. Check out these extraordinary stories from the IMTS community and don't miss the chance to experience the extraordinary at IMTS 2024.

Meet Onome Scott-Emuakpor
Founder of Hyphen Innovations

Start-up research company Hyphen Innovations uses 3D printing technology to focus on optimizing performance of critical structural components within a turbine engine. IMTS helped manifest some of the company's aerospace and defense ideas into existence, but the show also provides a vision of using the technology in other industries.

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Daisy Kelly & Jay Simpson

Multi-Axis Technologies

Start-up company Multi-Axis Technologies stands behind its high-quality products and services thanks to its top-notch equipment that provides precision machining, design for manufacturing, and CNC programming services.

Mike Griffith

Major Tool & Machine

Mike Griffith has a vision to be the partner of choice when it comes to manufacturing solutions that are essential to the world. With only a handful of shops that do machining and fabrication for very large components, the right people who are dedicated to this work are essential.

Daisy Kelly

Multi-Axis Technologies

I want to talk to as many people as I can at IMTS to understand their business and if we can partner together to build both our businesses. IMTS for me is about building relationships.

Onome Scott-Emuakpor

Hyphen Innovations

IMTS is the best place to go not only because every vendor in every industry with regard to additive manufacturing is at IMTS, but also because all the tangent industries that support additive manufacturing are there.

Jim Hockey

Director of Business Development,

IMTS is a complete manufacturing show ... The Additive Sector at IMTS is fantastic because it helps blend both the additive and the conventional processes together.

Brian Olson & Mitch Olson

Olson Custom Designs

When we go to IMTS, it's not just to look at the technology and the bright lights; it's looking at who is going to be our next partner, our next vendor. IMTS is a people event. You never know who you're going to run into.

Matt Gawlik

3D Graphite & Machining

I have visited hundreds of shops. All the top shops take the time to go to IMTS to see what is possible.

Shri Muthu & Will Drewery


IMTS is the innovation hub where the people who are not just dreaming about the future, but are building the future, come together to showcase their work.

Shri Muthu

Founder & CTO,

First, I want to learn more about manufacturing because I have always been a software developer, I know very little. My second objective is to meet great people. The MFG Meeting was huge for me, and I look forward to making many more connections.

Will Drewery

Founder & CEO,

I think the way that we build the strongest relationships is getting together without an agenda and actually getting to know each other. What are our goals? What is our vision for the future? Those are the best times that I have had at IMTS.

Angelo Biondo & Joshua Ponzetti

Vice President & Director of Operations
CAM Logic

IMTS is the Disney World of manufacturing. The breadth of different products and technologies, not to mention the industry giants all in one spot, is fantastic.

Julie & Tom Hoban

Former Owners,
JTD Enterprises

Job shops need to attend IMTS because there's so many opportunities that you'll never see otherwise. You can find a small company that has one tool that is going to revolutionize your business.

Courtney Tate

Ontime Quality Machining

IMTS is a big part of my company. You have to be aware of new technology, because if you don't know, how are you going to grow?

Jamie and Chad Sesing

CEO and Vice President & Plant Manager,
JTD Enterprises

IMTS is a one-stop-shopping trip to improve efficiency for your current work, but also think about the parts you don't have yet.

Jared Lyford

Director of Manufacturing Operations,
Forest City Gear

IMTS is our go-to, one-stop shop to look at ways to keep our scrap rate low and improve our lead time.

Andrew Crowe

New American Renaissance Tour

I wish I saw IMTS when I was in middle school. IMTS shows you what's real, what's coming and what you can dream of.

Yvonne Wiedemann

President & Owner,
CAM Logic

We go into IMTS with an open mind saying, what can we learn? What can we understand? What is going to bring us to the next level?

Ricardo Gervacio

Shipping and Receiving Specialist,
CARR Machine & Tool

Manufacturing is the future. This is a place where I want my children to work.

Mike Payne

Hill Manufacturing

What am I going to see at IMTS? I'll see my shop in five years.

Jim Carr

CARR Machine & Tool

The scope of equipment and technology at IMTS is staggering. Our employees drive us not just to stay on top of new technology, but to look for more at IMTS.

Dave Cave

Senior Technical Advisor,
Komline Custom Machining

We never knew such a machine existed until IMTS, and they're made 70 miles from our location.

Adria and Aaron Bagshaw

VP and President,
W.H. Bagshaw Company

Everything we have today is the result of going to Chicago, walking through the doors of IMTS, and seeing all the amazing technology.

Susanne Lauda

Director of Global Advanced Manufacturing Techology,

Going to IMTS is extremely valuable to me because the virtual does not replace the face to face.

Daniel & Ashley Miller


We go to IMTS so we can be rockstars for our customers. They trust we'll have the latest EDM technology to run their parts.

Courtney Silver

President and Owner,
Ketchie Inc.

I'm excited to go to IMTS this year, not only to look at some things that we already know, but also to discover technologies we haven't even thought about yet.

Mack Loughlin

Jacobs Tool & Manufacturing

Companies at IMTS are constantly coming up with new ways of doing things. The technology is there for everyone. You can find it at IMTS, but then you need to run with it.

Ashley Harms

Marketing & HR Manager,
MetalQuest Unlimited, Inc.

IMTS gives you the big picture of technology. It's seeing what exists and what is possible in the world.

Jeremy Nyenhuis

J3 Machine & Engineering, LLC

Everything starts from somewhere. Going to IMTS is the start of putting things together so that we can move this world forward.

Ashley Miller


At IMTS, we can see how all the different machines operate and see the finished work. Being able to compare equipment by going booth to booth at IMTS is a huge benefit for us.

Daniel Miller


I love the manufacturing business because it's what keeps America going. It all trickles down to job shops like ours

Austin Schmidt

Additive Engineering Solutions

I hadn't seen anything like that before, Schmidt says. IMTS 2014 unveiled large-scale AM printers to the world, and I knew immediately I wanted to get one.

Scott Harms & Chad Oswald

President & Director of Engineering,
MetalQuest Unlimited Inc.

Our entire team was built literally thinking out of the box. We look at processes, technology, and people and take actions that help us evolve. IMTS is a huge element of that.

Nicole Wolter

CEO & President,
HM Manufacturing

We have a young workforce. Bringing the entire team to IMTS is about investing in them and teaching the next generation.