Uncopyable: Creating an Unfair Advantage Over the Competition

If your business faces INTENSE COMPETITION and PRICE PRESSURE; needs new ideas for BUSINESS GROWTH; or is devolving towards COMMODITY STATUS; learn how to separate yourself from the competition! Marketing master Steve Miller shares insights from his new book of the same title:

  • What are the three foundation blocks of uncopyable?
  • Why your current marketing approach is probably backward
  • How to create an unbreakable attachment with your customers
  • How your new uncopyable status can explode referrals

The Unending Search for Qualified Labor

An experienced panel of job shop owners and managers share how they are succeding to overcome this major challenge.

Meet the Panel

  • Matt Guse, President, MRS Machining, Augusta, Wis.
    MRS Machining, a 2017 Top Shops Honors Program winner in the category of human resources, works closely with Cardinal Manufacturing, the in-school manufacturing program housed within the nearby Eleva-Strum School District. Guse works part-time as a football and basketball referee, which enables him to see if kids are team players on the field.
  • Mike Haupers, Founder, Swiss Precision Machining, Wheeling, Ill.
    Mike started SPM in a 2,600-sq.-ft. Chicago shop in 1979, with seven Swiss cam machines making dental components. Four decades later, SPM has expanded to a staff of 138 people who use 90 machines working out of a new 82,000-sq.-ft. facility. Through the years Mike has gained valuable insight into employee retention and has been acting on his succession plan.
  • Julie Hoban, CEO of JTD Enterprises, Chilton, Wis.
    Julie and her husband, Tom, started JTD Enterprises in 2001, a precision manufacturer that makes parts for a variety of industries. The company supports the machine tool program in the local trade schools and offers apprenticeships with the technical colleges as a way to grow their own skilled workers. They also strongly support the Wisconsin indentured apprenticeship program. Read more of Julie's story.
  • Rick Hoffman, CEO & Owner, EIMCo, Farley, Iowa
    EIMCo employs more than 150 people and fulfills parts orders in quantities from one to 100,000s. EIMCo offers apprenticeships and works with several local high schools and technical colleges to cultivate skills for his high-tech machine shop. Read more of Rick's story.

Top Shops Workshop

This immersive workshop is designed by job shop, for job shops. The technical program and peer-to-peer discussion delivers practical solutions and business strategies that complement the variety of cutting-edge technologies on-display. Topics include:

  • Advanced Machining Technology
  • Business Strategy
  • Operational Benchmarking
  • Robots & Automation
  • Shop Floor Practices
  • Workforce Development
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Data-Driven Manufacturing

ESAB Sponsors Welding & Cutting Garage Shop Package Giveaway!

ESAB Garage Fab Contest Prize Package

ESAB offered IMTS visitors who attended any Job Shops event the opportunity to enter a drawing to win welding and cutting equipment.

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Terry and Molly Keene, co-owners of Tek Manufacturing, Inc., in Spokane Valley, Wash., were the winners.