Your two favorite brands are now working together! IMTS has recently partnered with Jim Carr and Jason Zenger to provide more information about the show to their audience as well as ours.

Leading up to the show, the podcast will be featuring interviews with AMT staff, full interviews with the IMTS Rockstars, and exclusive IMTS sneak-peeks! During IMTS 2018, MakingChips will be recording their podcast live every day!

Tune in as they explore day-to-day manufacturing issues with expert guests.

Recent Episodes

  • #145

  • Developing a Sales Playbook for Your Manufacturing Company with Julie Poulos; IMTS & Partner Conferences with Bill Herman, Director – International Exhibits & Sponsorships, AMT
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  • #144

  • The Power of a Positive Culture in Your Manufacturing Business with Matt Guse
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  • #143

  • Strategies for Buying and Selling Used Equipment with Ryan Wiegel & Pat McGibbon, VP – Strategic Analytics, AMT
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Episode Archive

  • #91

  • Why We Combine CAD and CAM with Paul Ricard, co-founder, co-owner and president of DP Technology Corp. and how it improves efficiency.
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  • #90

  • IMTS – An Industry Success Story with Doug Woods, president of The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT), which owns and manages IMTS.
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  • #89

  • A Culture of “How To” with Scott Gasich, vice president of sales and marketing at Haas Automation.
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  • #88

  • New Generation, New Ways with Nicole Wolter, vice president of the H.M. Manufacturing. Discussion on rebranding H.M. Manufacturing, ingenuity and innovation in machine technology and shopping for the right machine tool.
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  • #87

  • IMTS “Orphans” with Ray Ziganto, president of Bi-Link, a global mechanical component supplier that specializes in stamping, injection molding, die cut, EMI/RFI Shielding and assembly.
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  • #86

  • How Edge Factor Inspires the Next Generation of Makers with Jeremy Bout.
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  • #85

  • How Your Company Story Leads to Relationship Building with Julie Poulos of Red Caffeine and Chuck Rigali of Alro Steel on Super Square precision mill blocks.
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  • #84

  • Software with Integrity: Leading the Way in Manufacturing software with Meghan West and Ben Mund of CNC Software, Inc.
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  • #82

  • What’s Your Strategy To Eliminate Time? MakingChips explains QRM with Nick and Noah Goellner of Henning/AME.
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  • #81

  • MakingChips and Making Melodies: Jason Harrelson and His Trumpet Business, Harrelson Trumpets.
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