Key Publications

Help meet your show objectives with a strong public relations program that supports your exhibit at IMTS. IMTS makes it easy with information on key industry publications, special pre- and post- show issues.

Publication Editor / E-mail
PublicationAdditive Manufacturing Editor/E-mailPete Zelinski
PublicationAerospace Manufacturing & Design
Content Request: New Motion Design & Automation Insert starting Jan/Feb 2019. Contact Michelle Jacobson mjacobson@GIE.NET for more information.
Editor/E-mailEric Brothers
PublicationAmerican Machinist Editor/E-mailRobert Brooks
PublicationAutoBeat Daily Editor/E-mailSteve Plumb Editor/E-mailBill Lydon
PublicationAutoBeat Editor/E-mailGary S. Vasilash
PublicationCNC West Editor/E-mailSean Burr
PublicationComposites World Editor/E-mailJeff Sloan
PublicationCutting Tool Engineering Editor/E-mailAlan Richter
PublicationDesign News Editor/E-mailJohn Blyler
PublicationDesign World Editor/E-mailLeslie Langnau
PublicationDigital Engineering Editor/E-mailKenneth Wong
PublicationEDM Today Editor/E-mailRoger Kern
PublicationElectrical Apparatus Magazine Editor/E-mailKevin Jones Editor/E-mailTom Feltham
PublicationFabricating & Metalworking Editor/E-mailStephanie Johnston
PublicationGear Solutions Editor/E-mailKenneth Carter
PublicationGear Technology Editor/E-mailRandy Stott
PublicationHydraulics & Pneumatics Editor/E-mailBob Vavra
PublicationIndustrial Equipment News Editor/E-mailAnna Wells
PublicationIndustrial Laser Solutions Editor/E-mailDavid Belforte
PublicationIndustrial Machinery Digest Editor/E-mailNick Boliek
PublicationIndustrial Maintenance & Plant Operation (IMPO) Editor/E-mailAnna Wells
PublicationIndustry Week Editor/E-mailTravis Hessman
PublicationMachine Design Editor/E-mailBob Vavra
PublicationManufacturing Business Technology Editor/E-mailAndy Szal
PublicationManufacturing Engineering Editor/E-mailAlan Rooks
PublicationManufacturing News Editor/E-mailJody Estes Editor/E-mailJeff Reinke
PublicationManufacturing in Focus Editor/E-mailAdam Cameron
PublicationMedical Design News Editor/E-mailJoe Jancsurak
PublicationMedical Design Technology Editor/E-mailSpencer Chin
PublicationMetalforming Magazine Editor/E-mailBrad Kuvin
PublicationModern Application News Editor/E-mailBob West
PublicationModern Machine Shop Editor/E-mailPete Zelinski
PublicationMoldmaking Technology Editor/E-mailChristina M. Fuges
PublicationNASA/Defense Tech Briefs Editor/E-mailLinda Bell
PublicationNew Equipment Digest Editor/E-mailTravis Hessman
PublicationPhotonics Spectra Editor/E-mailMichael D. Wheeler
PublicationPlant Engineering Editor/E-mailChris Vavra
PublicationPower Transmission Engineering Editor/E-mailRandy Stott
PublicationProducts Finishing Editor/E-mailScott Francis
PublicationProduction Machining Editor/E-mailDerek Korn
PublicationQuality Digest Editor/E-mailDirk Dusharme
PublicationQuality Magazine Editor/E-mailMichelle Bangert
PublicationR&D Editor/E-mailHeather Hall
PublicationTechnical Education Magazine Editor/E-mailEmily Tara
PublicationThe Fabricator Editor/E-mailDan Davis
PublicationThomas Network Editor/E-mailMikaela Tierney
PublicationToday's Motor Vehicles
Content Request: New Motion Design & Automation Insert starting Jan/Feb 2019. Contact Michelle Jacobson mjacobson@GIE.NET for more information.
Editor/E-mailRobert Schoenberger
PublicationToday's Medical Developments
Content Request: New Motion Design & Automation Insert starting Jan/Feb 2019. Contact Michelle Jacobson mjacobson@GIE.NET for more information.
Editor/E-mailElizabeth Modic
PublicationTooling & Production Editor/E-mailBob West
PublicationU.S. TECH The Global Electronics Publication Editor/E-mailSteve Leberstien
PublicationWard's Auto World Editor/E-mailDrew Winter
PublicationAerospace Manufacturing Editor/E-mailMike Richardson
PublicationAutomazione Oggi Editor/E-mailIlaria De Poli
PublicationCanadian Metalworking Editor/E-mailJoe Thompson
PublicationDigital Manufacturing Editor/E-mailJan Bihn
PublicationEuropean Tool & Mould Making Editor/E-mailBritta Solloway
PublicationL'Ammonitore Editor/E-mailMarco Tenaglia
PublicationMRO Editor/E-mailMichael King
PublicationMachines4sale Editor/E-mailMaggie Mortimer
PublicationManufactura (Mexico) Editor/E-mailMildred Bouquet
PublicationManufacturing Engineering Process Control Automation Editor/E-mailJon McIntosh
PublicationMetalmecánica Internacional Editor/E-mailDavid Luna
PublicationMetalmecánica Interempresas Editor/E-mailSònia Larrosa
PublicationMetalworking News Editor/E-mailBruce Crawford
PublicationMaschinen Markt Germany Editor/E-mailKen Fouhy
PublicationModern Machine Shop – Mexico Editor/E-mailEduardo Tovar
PublicationThe Abrasive Hub Editor/E-mailElaine McClarence
PublicationShop Metalworking Technology Editor/E-mailMary Scianna
PublicationTidningen Maskinoperatören Sweden Editor/E-mailUlf Samuelsson
PublicationTrametal Editor/E-mailSébastien Guénée

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