IMTS Network: Meet the Team



You know him as the IMTS Show Boss, Vice President & CXO at AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology. Entering the manufacturing technology industry in 1980 with the Wiedemann Division of Warner & Swasey, one of his first assignments was the production of the 1980 IMTS Show. After 16 years on the exhibitor side of IMTS, he joined AMT and has been managing IMTS ever since. But during the IMTS Network week, Peter will be co-anchoring the broadcast. He will be visiting some surprise locations around Chicago while providing insight and fun into a week of celebrating manufacturing technology.


Co-Anchor & Producer

Jules has been putting technical content on screen for industry and "normie" audiences alike since the days when 3D printing was a lab experiment, Blackberries were the next big thing in tech, and Industry 4.0 was just a twinkle in the eye of Mr. and Mrs. Manufacturing Technology. Whether it’s in front of the camera or behind-the-scenes, she is the planner and do-er taking IMTS video content from idea to reality. She enjoys gardening and humbly serves her two cats who have made their fair share of appearances in Zoom calls.


Technical Producer

Video content is king these days. Good thing we’ve got Adam Gambrel as IMTS Network’s technical producer. Adam is the type of team member than can light up any room and is impossibly cool under pressure. During the IMTS Network week, he will primarily be behind the camera calling the technical shots. If that wasn’t enough, you will also see his smiling face in several of our shows including a once a day segment called, “Behind the Scenes with Adam.”




“Most days I do everything that nobody else wants to do ... aka data sanitation,” laughs Vanesa Powers, Database Management Specialist at AMT. But that’s her day job. Vanesa also sky dives, cooks, draws, and paints. Key to the success of the IMTS Network, this Renaissance woman is also a natural in front of the camera. During the IMTS Network week, she’ll be your tour guide, keeping you up to date with upcoming episode timing and social media details.




Bill Herman has produced tradeshows and events for nearly 35 years, including events in 21 different countries. But he doesn’t look a day over 25. That’s why we recruited him as talent for the IMTS Network week – his eternal youth and energy have put him front and center hosting numerous IMTS Network segments. During the IMTS Network week, we’re capitalizing on Bill’s love of meeting new people and sharing good times by having him host a gameshow and sit down with interesting people for (socially distanced) interviews.