Whether you’re exploring new technology, expanding your network, or supercharging your manufacturing brain power, there are dozens of reasons to attend IMTS. Here are quotes from long-time IMTS visitors: “I never miss IMTS because technology is moving so fast. I have visited hundreds of shops, and all the top shops take the time to go to IMTS, because it is the epicenter of what is possible. It is ‘potentiality’ realized.”  Matt Gawlik, President, 3D Graphite & Machining Courtney Tate, owner, Ontime Quality Machining “The company sent its manufacturing engineers to IMTS to discover ways to make their processes better. I was like a kid in a candy store. Just the different tooling blew me away. I purchased a roughing tool that increased feeds from 15 inches per minute to more than 200 inches per minute. I saved the company thousands of dollars just by going to IMTS. I wouldn't have known about this tool if I hadn’t gone.”  Courtney Tate, Owner, Ontime Quality Machining “We’ve purchased almost every machine in this operation through IMTS. Being able to see the technology, meet people, ask questions — that’s how we stay up to date. We even bought a small heat-treating furnace that we didn’t even know existed. That Nicole Wolter, President, HM Manufacturing suggestion was from one of the team members at HM just walking around the show. It’s more than just the big machines; it’s the little things as well.”  Nicole Wolter, President, HM Manufacturing “IMTS is always a great place to discover upcoming advances in manufacturing. I am looking forward to seeing the ideas and impacts of AI at IMTS 2024. It will soon affect every aspect of manufacturing. From the office, design-engineering, communications, personnel, quotation, right down to the shop floor. I am sure IMTS 2024 will be a very informative and interesting show.” David M. Cave, Senior Technical Advisor, Komline Custom Machining “IMTS 2024 is a golden opportunity to reconnect with suppliers that I’ve worked with from my former life as a supply chain manager. IMTS is the innovation hub where the people who are not just dreaming about the future, but are building the future, come together to showcase their work.”  Will Drewery, CEO and Co-founder, Diagon  Will Drewery, CEO and Co- Founder, DIagon“We go into IMTS with an open mind, saying, ‘What can we learn? What can we understand?’ We need to find technologies that will bring CAM Logic to the next level. Whatever amount we are required to invest to travel to Chicago, we will get paid back tenfold with new capabilities and efficiencies we’ll find at IMTS.”  Yvonne Wiedemann, President and Owner of CAM Logic “At IMTS, we can see how all the different machines operate and see the finished work. Being able to compare equipment by going booth to booth at IMTS is a huge benefit for us. The technology is amazing, but also the deals for small shops are great. You get more bang for your buck by going to IMTS.” Ashley Miller, Co - Owner, ARC EDMAshley Miller, Co-owner, ARC EDM   “Everything we have today is the result of going to Chicago, walking through those doors of IMTS, and seeing all the amazing technology. It’s a great atmosphere. It’s like walking into a living room that’s set up as a CNC shop with people smiling and ready to help you.”  Adria Bagshaw, Vice President, W.H. Bagshaw   “Companies at IMTS are constantly coming up with new ways of doing things, new tooling, new workholding. The technology is there for everyone. You can find it at IMTS, but then you need to pick up yourself and run with it.”   Mack Loughlin, General Manager, Jacobs Tool & Manufacturing Mack Laughlin General Manager, Jacobs Tool & Manufacturing “I have about 10 of our employees attend with me. We can see more in three days than we could scouring websites and catalogues for five years. We love seeing the machines up and running –making parts. Right away, we can see how well the programming is working to plan the tool path, how well the workholding clamps parts, and so much more. We love to connect with our suppliers, who I prefer to call our friends.” Joey Jones, Founder and President, AeroTech Machining, Inc.  “People throw around the word networking, but it makes a big difference. By meeting people at IMTS and understanding what’s in their shop, you know whom to call when you need somebody, and they learn that they can call you.”  Kika Young, President, Forest City Gear “When software meets manufacturing, everything you do becomes ​more ​efficient. At IMTS 2024, we will connect with industry leaders that want to build new solutions.”  Shri Muthu, CTO and Co-founder, Diagon  Ignite your manufacturing A-game by experiencing all advanced manufacturing offers at IMTS 2024, Sept. 9-14, at McCormick Place, Chicago. Register now at  IMTS.com/Register. 
Whether you’re exploring new technology, expanding your network, or supercharging your manufacturing brain power, IMTS offers dozens of reasons to attend. Industry professionals share why they flock to this premier event.