The West Coast is one of the United States’ fastest-growing manufacturing regions, driven by cutting-edge technology and a concentration of manufacturing intelligence. To take advantage of these abundant resources, AMT – The Association for Manufacturing Technology and SME bring together West Coast-based industry experts and advanced innovations at California’s leading manufacturing trade show, WESTEC, Nov. 7-9 in Long Beach, California. (Be our guest to attend at no charge, compliments of AMT. Register at, using AMT’s promo code: WT23AMT.)  With more than 350 booths from industry-leading exhibitors, WESTEC 2023 offers: Demonstrations of the latest technologies in CNC machining, automation, 3D printing, advanced materials, and more, including exhibits by Flow Waterjet, SMW Autoblok, Hexagon, and Siemens. One-on-one time to talk with experts about how to improve productivity and profitability for automotive, medical, fabricated metal, and other applications. The AeroDef Pavilion focusing on solutions for the aerospace and defense industries.  A packed schedule of manufacturing education sessions will cover new technologies, new processes, and hot trends that solve challenges and transform businesses. Panel discussions, workshops, and networking receptions aim to inspire leaders to share ideas, enlighten decision makers, and build partnerships.  The Digital Solution Showcase gives visitors the chance to learn about and interact with demonstrations of predictive milling, in-situ monitoring, AI/machine learning, and high-performance machine tools. The Bright Minds Student Summit provides high school students and staff with a taste of manufacturing through keynote speakers and guided showfloor tours.   Keynote Presentations  Aerospace experts will share their exclusive insights at the AeroDef Theater, including:  Vincent Aguilar, sector vice president of Global Supply Chain at Northrop Grumman Aeronautics Systems, will discuss how suppliers and manufacturers can partner with larger companies and universities to get a competitive advantage. Jeffrey A. Hoffman, PhD, retired NASA astronaut, will talk about MOXIE (Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment), which has been producing oxygen on Mars for over two years, and its implications for future space exploration. Andrew Gendreau, senior director of Business Strategy for Aerospace & Defense at Microsoft Corporation, will share the top forces influencing aerospace and defense manufacturing.  Learn more about WESTEC 2023 and register to attend at no charge, compliments of AMT at, using AMT’s promo code: WT23AMT. 
West Coast manufacturing is growing fast, thanks to a wealth of cutting-edge tech and industry intelligence. Get insights on the region’s advanced manufacturing technology and latest trends.