You know the feeling. When you find money in your pocket. When you pick up a basketball and casually throw — and actually make the shot. When you, mere mortal, fix just about anything with your giant brain and your own two hands.  That’s what IMTS feels like. It’s exciting. It’s exhilarating. It’s visceral. It’s an astounding spectacle of innovation and machine might. That’s why it’s so hard to think about what we’re most excited to see at IMTS. We want to see it all. But since that would make for a lengthy article, here are the top five things we can’t wait to see at IMTS 2022.  Consider yourself the de facto #1 and get over to and register if you haven’t already! For crying out loud…don’t you like cool stuff? (We will also be on the main stage, but we’d never shamelessly plug ourselves).  The prevalence of automation. Automation is going to be EVERYWHERE at IMTS, and we are there for it!  There will be tons of automation use cases in every pavilion, as automation has grown exponentially since 2018. One of the most incredible areas of automation is the growth of human and cobot applications. As the wise Tim Shinbara once said, this is going to be the year of the cobot (check out his article). Cobots have become more programmable, more capable, and more affordable. So, expect to see a lot more cobots. For starters, we’ll definitely be checking out FANUC America (IMTS booths 338919 and Universal Robots USA (Booth 236861).  Software. Digital simulation has come a long way. You can truly see every detail of every piece and part before a process even begins. From additive simulators to CAD/CAM innovations, we’re looking forward to seeing how these software solutions can help us all get it right the first time.  Hexagon (IMTS booth 135202) will be displaying some new tools with next-level capabilities. We also want to see what new toys MachineMetrics (IMTS booth 133108) will be displaying.  Human-achine interfaces (HMI) and Controls have becoming increasingly powerful as well. They are really taking the guesswork out of operations and making it quicker and easier to train new employees or get existing employees up-to-speed on a new machine. We’re excited to see what Siemens (IMTS booth 133346) has to show us! Metrology. If you know us at all, you know we dig metrology. We’ll be on the lookout for innovative options for in-situ monitoring, connected metrology, data collection and analysis, and automating processes. It seems like everything has changed since 2018, so there will be plenty to see.  We’ll be sure to check out what Renishaw (IMTS booth 135509) is displaying. Workholding, tool holding, and cutting. For too long, this was seen as a space where there was nothing new under the sun. That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Connected toolholders are now communicating with other tools and becoming an essential part of the shop of the future. There are also workholding solutions that are self-adjusting and compensate for changes in set ups or materials. Finally, we can’t wait to see some of the off-the-shelf innovations for specialty material cutting tools, including cutting tools for composites. Don’t miss BIG DAISHOWA (booth 431610) and Royal Products (booth 431622). Subtractive. This is where it all began. The heart of manufacturing is material removal, but it is still a field with plenty of room — and capacity — for growth.  We’re excited about automation combined with CNC machines (Haas, booth 338100); closed loop machines (Mazak, booth 338300); and hybrid machines (Okuma, booth 338500). Multitasking (Index, booth 339119) and multi-axis machines (Penta Machine Company, booth 338041) are sure to impress as well. And, of course, the Swiss Machines (Marubeni Citizen-Cincom, booth 339419) are always ready and willing to show off.  Feeling the excitement? Get ready for an astounding spectacle of innovation and machine might, register for IMTS 2022, Sept. 12-17, McCormick Place. 
What will you find at IMTS? So much. Here are the top five things to see at the big show from the in-house tech gurus at AMT — The Association For Manufacturing Technology.