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The IMTS+ Creators Lounge is a new experience at IMTS. It's the destination where manufacturing Influencers and content Creators come together to connect and share their stories.

Part recording studio, part hangout, the IMTS+ Creators Lounge live streamed manufacturing leading influencers, podcasters, YouTubers and industry leader interviews.

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Look for the IMTS+ Creators Lounge livestream on the IMTS YouTube Channel and across our select Influencers channels on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook throughout the week. Select content created in the IMTS+ Creators Lounge is available on demand on IMTS+.

The IMTS+ Creators Lounge is powered by AMT and INDUSTRIAL, an INDUSTRIAL STUDIOS production.

Fabian Alefeld
  • Fabian Alefeld
  • Senior Manager, EOS, and Additive Expert
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Fabian leads the “Additive Minds” Consulting and Academy teams at EOS, which helps manufacturers incorporate additive manufacturing into their operations. He is a frequent speaker on 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

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Wade Anderson
  • Wade Anderson
  • Product Specialist Manager, Okuma American Corporation, and Show Host
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Wade is a machinist by trade who became an applications engineer and now is the host of the popular Okuma's Shop Matters. The video show and podcast is dedicated to the world of machining and manufacturing.

Mitch Free
  • Mitch Free
  • Founder & CEO, ZYCI and Trusted Source

Mitch began his career as a CNC machinist and held senior management positions at a major airline, before becoming a serial entrepreneur. His first entrepreneurial venture was a CAD\CAM reseller business, he went on to found, Fast Radius and ZYCI, an AS9100 aerospace machining business which he currently owns and serves as CEO. He is a private pilot, frequent speaker, author, and a previous winner of the Ernst & Young – Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Scott MacKenzie
  • Scott MacKenzie
  • Founder, IndustrialTalk, and Industry Connector
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Scott has been working in industry for more than 35 years and has been doing the IndustrialTalk podcast since 2017. He also has expertise in video, live events and webinars.

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Charli K. Matthews
  • Charli K. Matthews
  • Founder & CEO, Empowering Pumps & Equipment, and Champion of Women
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Charli is a business owner, mother, power networker, and more, who creates custom digital media and marketing programs. She has worked with the pump and equipment industry since 2005.

James Soto
  • James Soto
  • Founder & CEO, INDUSTRIAL, and Partnership Advocate
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James likes to say he was born industrial and raised digital, which is reflected in the industrial marketing agency and manufacturing-focused marketing agency he founded in 2003. He is a frequent speaker at prominent industry events and hosts a podcast. The firm helped create Manufacturing Day, which has led James on a path of pursuing and leveraging partnerships big and small, from local to global.

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Meaghan Ziemba
  • Meaghan Ziemba
  • Owner, Z-Ink Solutions, Founder & Host, Mavens of Manufacturing
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Meaghan has been a technical writer, brand storyteller, and marketer for industrial manufacturers since 2008. She hosts a live video show, Mavens of Manufacturing, that focuses on women in manufacturing and engineering.

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INDUSTRIAL STUDIOS is built from the ground up to tell compelling stories of the next wave of the industrial revolution with a unique visual approach and a refreshing voice of experience that taps into a range of emotions. It is branded entertainment, industrial 4.0 style. INDUSTRIAL STUDIOS is the newest member of the Industrial Strength Marketing family of brands.


Established in 2003, INDUSTRIAL is a full-service, award-winning industrial marketing agency focused on the transformation of marketing and sales throughout the supply chain. Its mission is to better those who design, make, and move the world.

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