IMTS Job Shops Specialty Program: Job Shops Workshop Day 1 Powered by AMT

IMTS Specialty Program:
Job Shops Workshop Day 1, powered by AMT

Designed exclusively for job shops stakeholders, this event features a presentation on workforce development and retention and panel discussions with job shops implementing digital manufacturing technologies and workforce best practices that improve their efficiencies, recruitment, and operations. Featured is an industry roundtable tackling marketing in manufacturing by the Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA).

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  • Workforce Development and Retention
    Where have they gone? Is it us or is it them?

    The big W. How much longer can we face the ongoing challenge of workforce and retention as they continue to hit the manufacturing industry? Is it us or is it them? Hear from an industry expert in hiring/employment followed by a breakout discussion between leaders from job shops and education to hear why the problem may not be the quote ‘disappearing workforce’, but more a needed new approach and rethinking by the company that is critical to our success and health as an industry.

    This session includes a presentation by Chris Czarnik, award-winning speaker and author of the book, Winning the War for Talent, followed by a dynamic, moderated panel discussion with leaders in the manufacturing technology industry.

    All who attend will receive a copy of the book, Winning the War for Talent.

    • Presenter and Moderator: Chris Czarnik, CEO, Career [RE]Search Group
    • Panelists:
      • Nicole Wolter, President & CEO, HM Manufacturing
      • Andrew Crowe, Founder, The New American Manufacturing Renaissance
  • Moderated Job Shops Panel:.
    Taking the Traditional Job Shop Digital

    As digitization and new technology continue to take shape through automation, new software integration, robotics, additive, and multi-axis machining, what does it take for the traditional job shop to join today's digital industrial revolution? Hear from industry peers as they share strategies, successes, and lessons learned when they turned their shop digital. Panelists to provide perspectives and insights from different tier level suppliers.

    • Moderator: Gary Vasilash, Editor-at-Large, Gardner Business Media
    • Panelists:
      • Aneesa Muthana, President, CEO, Co-owner, Pioneer Service Inc.
      • Scott Volk, Vice President, COO, MetalQuest
      • Jennifer Herron, CEO, Founder, ACTION ENGINEERING
      • Peter Doyle, President, CEO, Hirsh Precision Products Inc.
  • Facilitated Roundtable:
    Marketing in Manufacturing

    In partnership with the Technology & Manufacturing Association (TMA).
    Close out the workshop with a roundtable discussion addressing the ever-changing landscape of marketing in manufacturing and the different approaches to connect and engage with the customer of today. Join TMA in a facilitated breakout with a mix of agencies and manufacturers to learn how others are finding their new marketing breakout and strategy.

    • Moderator: Thomas W. Hacker, President, C&L Supreme
    • Panelists:
      • Nancy O'Leary, Vice President, Custom Direct
      • Robert Cortez, Founder, KYRO Creative
      • Sue Nordman, President, Obsidian Manufacturing
      • Todd Stukenburg, COO, Fusion OEM/RoboJob-USA
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IMTS Specialty Program:
Job Shops Workshop Day 2 Featuring MMS Top Shops

This ½-day program, presented by AMT and Modern Machine Shop, offers visitors insight into this year's annual Top Shops benchmarking survey. Learn from industry experts and current and past Top Shop award winners and find out what makes a shop rise to the top and how your shop stacks up against the competition. Lunch, networking, and exhibit hall are included.

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  • Top Shops Honoree Awards:
    • Presented by: Bryce Ellis, Vice President, Metalworking Media, Gardner Business Media
  • Where's the Bar? Serving Up Key Insights from 2,000 Modern Machine Shop Top Shops Surveys:
    Presented by:
    • David Necessary, Executive VP, New Product Development, Gardner Business Media
  • Panel Discussion with 2022 Top Shops Honorees:
    • Ted Toth, Senior Technical Advisor, Rosenberger North America
    • Don De Witt, Operations Manager, A to Z Machine, Inc.
    • Paul Fredelake, Director of Finance, KLH Industries, Inc.
    • Matt Oswald, Marketing and Improvement Manager, Stecker Machine Company
  • The Artificially Intelligent Machine Shop:
    • Presented by Matt Kirchner, President ATS/LAB Midwest

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