AMT's Emerging Technology Center

Emerging Technology Center

Sponsored by AMT, the ETC highlights state-of-the-art and disruptive technologies. At IMTS 2022, the focus turns to the forward-thinking manufacturing efforts driving outer space projects for long-term presence on the moon and deep space exploration.

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  • Walk through one section of a life-sized 3D printed lunar habitat
  • Learn about the software used to design and print the habitat
  • See a live additive cell printing and milling a prototype lunar habitat door
  • View profiles of two future-facing projects: Rosie, (, click on “Rosenberg”) a lunar habitat structure for research and lunar living; along with the Giant Magellan Telescope, the most powerful telescope on earth and the innovative ground-breaking work done in the building of it.

(ETC features work by Ingersoll, Siemens, Saga, and Clinkenbeard.)

Image from the Digital Manufacturing ETC at IMTS 2018 Image from the Additive Manufacturing ETC at IMTS 2018