AMT's Emerging Technology Center

Emerging Technology Center

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AMT's Emerging Technology Center (ETC) at IMTS 2024 tackles automation, efficiency, agility, and productivity. Located at the entrance of the North Building, theshowcase of technologies address today's most pressing manufacturing issues, including additive manufacturing, reshoring, the surge in aerospace and defense investment, and robotics.

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Next-Generation Hybrid System

Oak Ridge National Laboratory's configuration

This integrated multi-process convergent manufacturing cell developed by a cross-disciplinary team at Oak Ridge National Laboratory integrates existing technologies in an innovative configuration:

The goal of the project is to develop a system that can cut long lead times, lower costs, and replace castings and forgings to reshore production for such parts as turbine blades, valve bodies, conformal heat exchangers, and propellers.

Defense-Based Conversations

Blue Forge Alliance Logo

An exhibit by BlueForge Alliance (BFA) highlights collaborative efforts with the U.S. Navy, and industry leaders such as Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS), Electric Boat (EB), and Austal. The exhibit will feature engaging digital content, interviews, and interactive experiences that underscore the collective advancements in naval capabilities.

Blue Forge Alliance featured at IMTS 2024

Visitors can expect to immerse themselves in innovative technologies and gain insights into how BFA and partners are pushing the boundaries of submarine construction. The exhibit will also showcase the importance of our partnerships in sustaining and enhancing the submarine industrial base. By bringing together cutting-edge developments and collaborative efforts, BFA aims to inspire and engage attendees, demonstrating the future of naval manufacturing and the power of partnership in achieving the Navy's mission. Join BFA at the ETC to witness the forefront of innovation and collaboration in maritime manufacturing technology.

Film on Model-Based Engineering Environment

This exclusive video documentary features OEMs, suppliers, and SMEs creating a model-based engineering environment (MBEE). In tandem with the film, live presentations, Q&A sessions, and interviews will take place alongside the film to be used for future documentaries on MBEEs. This project, produced by William Sobel, co-founder of Metalogi and renowned for his role as the chief architect of the MTConnect standard, an international model-based semantic standard for manufacturing equipment, promises to be a highlight. Sobel explains, “MBEE provides a single source of truth and bi-directional flow of information, resolving the current tension and disconnect between defense contractors, OEMs, and contract manufacturers. We need open, standardized information from the top suppliers that is agnostic to the software platform and within the financial means of smaller participating shops.”

Meet Apollo, Apptronik's AI-Powered General Purpose Humanoid Robot

Apptronik's Apollo humanoid robot

Apollo, unveiled by Apptronik in August 2023, is the first commercial humanoid robot designed for user-friendly operation, mass manufacturability, performance, and safety. Powered by AI, Apollo addresses labor challenges, preventing injuries, improving productivity, and allowing humans to focus on higher-value tasks. Its humanoid form allows easy deployment in existing spaces. Key innovations include Apptronik's patented actuator technology. In the AMT ETC, you'll discover more about Apollo's advances and future applications.