The History of IMTS

Highlights from IMTS 1929

The following is an excerpt from American Machinist magazine dated October 10, 1929.

The second National Machine Tool Builders' Exposition, held in Cleveland from September 30 to October 4, attracted a record-breaking attendance of over 25,000 engineers, executives, and production men from practically every type of metalworking industry in the country. In addition, there was a good representation from several of the foreign industrial countries, notably England, France, Belgium, Germany and Czechoslovakia.

The opinion was unanimous that it was a "great Show." Although anticipating a few outstanding developments, scarcely anyone who inspected the exhibits was prepared for the remarkable demonstration of progress in machine design which has been made in answer to the demands of industry for high-production equipment. About 200 new items of equipment were on display.

Among the chief features was the application of tungsten-carbide cutting tools to the machines of some 40 or more exhibitors at the Show.

Few actually radical changes in the design of machines were evident at the Show. There has been rather a refinement of detail. In connection with the Show there were held sessions of the Machine Tool Machine Shop Practice Division of the ASME and the Production Division of the SAE.