The History of IMTS

Highlights from IMTS 1965 - 1970

1965 Machine Tool Show arena.

The 1965 and 1970 exhibitions marked the end of the so-called twin shows, the Machine Tool Show, sponsored by the National Machine Tool Builders' Association, and managed by Clapp & Poliak, Inc., and the Production Engineering Show managed by Clapp & Poliak, Inc.

The Production Engineering Show was: "A complete presentation of the equipment, devices and mechanisms that support machine tools and metal manufacturing in general." The two shows were closely coordinated with reciprocal registration and regular shuttle bus service running between the halls.

For some years there had been discussions of both the need for an international show and the need for a shorter show cycle due to the rapid advancements in technology. In addition, it was increasingly apparent that combining the two shows so that all of the machines and related equipment would be available in one place would be a benefit to both exhibitors and show visitors. Accordingly, NMTBA announced that the 1972 show would be their "first international exhibition of machine tools and related products from major nations around the world."