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7 Lunch & Learns to Amp Up Your Advanced Manufacturing Game

Category: Manufacturing Technology Oct 13, 2020

By Kathy Keyes Webster, AMT Exhibitions Content Manager – Correspondence

Score tips, insight, and strategies from advanced manufacturing trailblazers during seven IMTS spark Lunch & Learns featuring world-renown researchers Thomas Kurfess, Ph.D., and Lonnie J. Love, Ph.D., from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Manufacturing Demonstration Facility.

Charged with ensuring our country’s manufacturing sector thrives, Kurfess and Love will discuss the transformative technologies emerging within the industry; pose questions about how their research can help your business; and offer insight into their technology assessment strategies. These guys aren’t just INTELLIGENT…they’re practical, approachable, and witty.

These upcoming one-hour sessions, named “TLC: Tom and Lonnie Chat,” run monthly through March 2021. See schedule and topics below. All sessions are complimentary and recorded. But don’t forget to register for IMTS spark for access to them and much more.

IoT 4 MFG - Wed., Oct. 21 @ 12:00 p.m. CT
Pick up some shortcuts and effective strategies to integrate your Operational Technology (OT) with your Information Technology (IT) using what you already have and the free operational standard, MTConnect®. OT and IT experts from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Manufacturing Demonstration Facility share their approaches for a seamless convergence to create a fully digital factory floor.

BIG Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) & Printing Big Things - Fri., Nov. 20 @ 11:00 a.m. CT
With the capacity to quickly 3D print very large structures, like the mold for a concrete machine tool base at a reasonable cost, BAAM is increasingly used for production manufacturing. Industry researchers discuss BAAM processes, applications, and impact on the industry

Using the Neutron Source – Wed., Dec. 16 @ 11:00 a.m. CT
Yes, this is a manufacturing topic! Residual stress is a big challenge in manufacturing and neutron sources can help solve this type of problem.  Discover how ORNL scientists are working with metrology companies like Zeiss to leverage big-science facilities like neutron sources to take images of parts and processes that reveal an entirely new understanding of manufacturing processes.

Rapidly Producing and Repairing Die - Wed., Jan. 20 @ 11:00 a.m. CT
ORNL scientists are using hybrid (integrated subtractive and additive) machines to automate the highly manual process of refurnishing worn and damaged dies. Get the details about how this process could dramatically reduce an OEM’s carbon footprint by retaining salvageable material and reducing energy consumption while producing refurbished dies that are better than the original.

Concrete Printing – Wed., Feb 17 @ 11:00 a.m. CT
Imagine using additive manufacturing at its permanent site to lay concrete to build the tower of a wind turbine. Hear firsthand how ORNL’s manufacturing technology team is developing a novel, large-scale, rapidly deployable 3D printing system, named the Sky Big Area Additive Manufacturing (SkyBAAM), to be a fieldable concrete deposition machine with pick and place abilities enabling quick, low-cost, and full-scale, automated construction of buildings.

MedUSA, ORNL, Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, Oak Ridge, Tenn.

MedUSA - Wed., March 10 @ 11:00 a.m. CT
Pronounced like the Greek mythical creature, Medusa, the ORNL’s MedUSA integrates hybrid (subtractive and additive) machining with three robots or more (luckily no snakes.) Hear about the unbelievable speed at which these robots can put down material from a team of scientists working hard to lock down new innovative processes so that manufacturers can work smarter.

An Overview of Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) Systems: Pros and Cons - OnDemand.
Get some clarity on metal 3D printing. Listen to two energetic manufacturing technologists discuss AM advantages and disadvantages. Leave knowing the differences about AM’s wide range of processes and ideal applications. During this episode Tom and Lonnie chatted about advancements from Mazak, Autodesk, GKN, Zeiss, Okuma, hyperMILL and DMG Mori.

Why attend or watch the recordings?
“This is a great balance of the latest and greatest technology available to our industry and how it directly applies to your present operations,” says Kurfess, ORNL Chief Manufacturing Officer. “You’ll glimpse into the future of manufacturing from applications to everyday operations in your facilities to developing next-generation technologies that will ensure a strong foundation for generations of future production operations.”

“You’ll see the technologies that are just around the corner and how they might be employed by your team, and you’ll see how they’re driving the frontiers of manufacturing.”

“You can ask questions and even share your challenges with these really mega smart manufacturing engineers, who are passionate about solving the toughest manufacturing puzzles,” says Tim Shinbara, AMT Vice President – Manufacturing Technology. “In these 60-minute sessions, you’ll gain what may have otherwise taken hours of reading and months of learning.”

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