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Take your Machining Center to the Next Level

Category: IMTS Nov 9, 2020

Featuring the best of what you want most in a machining center, IMTS spark provides Live Demos and immersive presentations, allowing you to dive into the processes and products you have been searching for.

To get started with IMTS spark, register for this 6-month digital platform by creating a MySpark planner. Make sure you are logged into your planner while exploring the site to unlock even more content anywhere see the + symbol.

Don’t miss these showcases focused on machining centers:

  1. Your Next Skilled Welder Is a Mazak: The VTC-300C FSW – Watch Now!
    Friction Stir Welding (FSW) allows shops to achieve lightweight, defect-free welds in any orientation–and the VTC-300C FSW makes it simple to integrate this advanced technology in any shop. Mazak MegaStir’s Russell Steel will demonstrate just how powerful this technology is–and discuss how it can be easily adapted into most Mazak vertical machining centers to allow any shop to bring the cost-saving power of HYBRID Multi-Tasking into its operations. Featuring a CAT 40 taper spindle, full vertical traveling-column design, and a fixed table for machining extremely long and heavy workpieces, the VTC-300C FSW is a highly capable vertical machining center. Its FSW package leverages the power of frictional heat to create full-penetration, strong welds without melting the material, making it an ideal solution for joining dissimilar materials or alloys with low melting points, including copper, brass, and aluminum.
  2. IMTS Conference - Automating your Milling Machine: No Matter the Lot Size or Part Type – Watch Now! 
    Automation is a must as you improve your production processes. But, what does it mean? There are many levels of automation, and there is no "one size fits all" approach. Every application is unique and doesn’t necessarily need to automate an entire process. Nor, does the process need to be repetitive. Technology and expertise around automation has evolved to a point that even with low-volume, high mix applications, you can automate.
  • IMTS Conference - Discover Process ReliabilityWatch Now!
    Take a dive into highly complex milling and turning processes, new key control technology topics, and benefits for the end-user. High process reliability is made possible using machine tools equipped with controls, encoders, and drive technology from HEIDENHAIN.
  • Advanced 5 Axis Milling in Fusion 360Watch Now!
    Tune in to see an overview of 5-axis strategies in Fusion 360 and the Machining Extension. If you have complex parts, watch this to learn how to easily machine your toughest projects.
  • Click here to view even more Live Demos, Showrooms, and Conference Sessions about machining centers.

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