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Category: Rebuilding the Supply Chain Dec 8, 2020

Supply chain topics are especially relevant as OEMs and suppliers work to fulfill orders with strong market fluctuations. To be competitive, flexibility and creativity are key.

To help you meet this challenge, IMTS spark and are showcasing live and on-demand sessions, graphics, articles, and multi-media with ideas, tools, processes, and even history to streamline your sourcing decisions.

IMTS spark

Changing the Game: Lean Supply Chain Performance
Available Now
Paul Ericksen, the former chief procurement officer at Industry Week’s Supply Chain Initiatives, addresses lean supply chain performance and how it can dramatically improve financial performance for OEMs and suppliers above achieving lower material costs.

Building a Better Future with Innovation - Barbara Humpton with Siemens USA in Conversation
Available Now
Siemens USA CEO shares her view on how the pandemic response is shaping a stronger manufacturing sector; the potential for manufacturing technology to improve supply chain; provide exciting and fulfilling jobs; and expand what’s humanly possible.

IMTS Conference - From Traditional Factories to Smart Factories - Moving from static to dynamic manufacturing operations with digital tool lifecycle management
Available Now 
Examine a transparent digital process of the four stages of manufacturing to guarantee a knowledge-based dynamic operation allowing suppliers to meet the challenges for ever-shorter more complex product life cycles, both technically and in business.

IMTS Conference - Mobile Technology and Machine Learning Tools for Supply Chain, Production Management and Field Service
Available Now
Look at the technology trends, customer examples and product demonstrations of everyday cloud solutions using mobile devices and artificial intelligence. See the integration with warehouse management, manufacturing, field service, accounting, and other applications all designed for mid-size manufacturers.

Voices from the Industry: Supply Chain (Two-minute on-demand videos)
Manufacturing technology leaders share advice, thoughts, and ideas to ensure that you have a flexible, but strong supply chain and that you know the total costs associated with sourcing.

Rebuilding the Supply Chain with Amber Thomas – AMT VP – Advocacy (Four-minute on-demand video)
AMT Assistant Director of Content Jules McGuire interviews Amber Thomas about several initiatives to support manufacturers in rebuilding and rethinking their supply chains.

6 Technologies to Strengthen Supply Chains & 3 Ideas for Suppliers
Executives from global Tier 1 companies discuss six transformative technologies that helped them successfully navigate sourcing and operational challenges during the past year. The experts also offer three actions that small to mid-size manufacturers should consider implementing to strengthen operations and help rebuild supply chains.

Manufacturing Tools to ReThink. ReEngage. ReEstablish. Your Supply Chain
This vivid infographic gives you three online tools and two resources to use right away to determine your next step to ensure you are on a path toward supply chain success.

For a complete guide to the supply chain resources visit IMTS spark and

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