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Automation & Robots Galore!

Category: Manufacturing Technology Dec 8, 2020

Why Wait When You Can Automate?

Automation and robots spur productivity empowering manufacturers to be globally competitive to produce quality goods at affordable prices. Automation and robots increase speed, accuracy, and safety but also ensure resiliency. With so many options, finding the right solution may appear dizzying. To support you, IMTS spark is featuring the world of automation and robots through 15-minute live demos, sessions, and showrooms that give you a wide array of options from trusted partners. Use this link to explore more than 300 companies with automation and robotic solutions.

Live and On-Demand Demos
FANUC's New CRX-10iA Collaborative Robot - Watch Now! 
Designed to work alongside your employees, the new CRX-10iA cobot stops with a gentle touch, is a flexible solution for machine tending, and is perfect for producing smaller quantities with longer cycle times. Check out its manual guidance programming, icon-based drag and drop menu, and mobile platform—which make it easy to use and ideal for those who’ve never worked with robots.

Quick-change as a Philosophy - Watch Now! 
Learn how to integrate automatic quick jaw change system into your workholding. The KNCSmatic chuck features robotic systems. Mill-turn centers and CNC Milling will also be presented.

ESPRIT CAM & Automation: The Missing Link in Part Programming - Watch Now! 
ESPRIT will highlight the different levels of automation that their CAM Operating system provides including knowledge-based manufacturing which stores a shop’s most critical machining practices by automatically applying best practices for all operations, including machining cycles, and its associative technology, tooling, and much more.

3M Abrasive Solutions for Robotics - Watch Now!
See 3M’s latest automated material removal demos, using 3M abrasive belts, discs, and wheels hand-picked for robotic applications to increase productivity, consistency, and cost savings.

IMTS Conference - Computer Tomography (CT) to automated inspection processes - Watch Now! 

See how CT combines the world of material analysis and metrology under one roof. Using real datasets, this session will show the limits of accuracy for measurements directly on voxel data sets using special algorithms like the advanced surface determination to reduce your measurement of uncertainty to insure a proper measurement strategy. See how this automation concept can provide fast and reliable good/bad decisions for a part.

Transformative Technologies Focus: Software-Driven Automation - Watch Now!
Discover how technology advances in software, computer vision, machine learning, and adaptive robotics are digitizing and simplifying factory automation—enabling remote management and operation, faster automation deployment, and localized production.

IMTS Conference - Automating your Milling Machine: No Matter the Lot Size or Part Type - Watch Now! 
Get a look at automation options-for even non-repetitive tasks and low-volume high-mix applications--available to you for automating machine tool processes. Every application is unique, and you don't necessarily need to automate an entire process. Get informed and ask questions.

IMTS Conference - Productivity improvement through robotic automation from forging to machining applications - Watch Live!
Tues., Jan 5, 11:30-12:30 p.m. CT
Learn about automation of a full production line with upstream communications between different automated cells enabling self-correction of processes based on the downstream inspection of a part. The presentation introduces the use of Autonomous Mobile Robots such as the HelMo solution, capable of navigating between the station to perform different task such as part carrying and handing, sorting.

Automation Knowledge Center
Visit the IMTS spark Automation Knowledge Center, co-sponsored by Modern Machine Shop, to watch videos or read more in-depth articles about trends, case studies, and even a roadmap for your automation journey.

Why attend a live demo or session about automation and robotics?
“Manufacturers are facing a host of opportunities in the years to come. Those who strategically implement automation and robotics will do more than just lower production costs, they’ll also improve quality and safety, reduce waste, save resources, and increase their globally competitiveness,” says Tim Shinbara, Vice President - Chief Technology Officer at AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, which owns and operates IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show.

For a complete guide to the latest innovations in automation and robots, visit IMTS spark.

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