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Category: Spark Feb 10, 2021

You can view any movie you can imagine in moments. You can get pizza in 10 minutes. You can get trash bags or new shoes delivered in mere hours (still creepy, Amazon).  So why wait for the knowledge you need to do business now?

While we can all agree that there is no substitute for IMTS in person—in Chicago, in September—there are real opportunities to engage with peers, prospects, and new technology right now. Enter IMTS spark, running through March 2021.

IMTS spark has given me the opportunity to connect. I’ve also taken advantage of some educational sessions that have really broadened my horizons,” explained Dave Barned, Global VP and North American General Manager for Master Fluid Solutions. “I’ve seen things that I likely wouldn’t have had time to see at IMTS. The lack of time constraints is a clear advantage.”

Since he can no longer meet with people in person because of the pandemic, Dave has attended several virtual happy hours through IMTS spark to stay connected. He’s also made the decision to squeeze a few learning opportunities into his very busy days. “Using Spark, you can take just a half hour to attend an event or watch a session, instead of committing a full day to travel,” he noted.  

From marketing and selling to additive manufacturing and hybrid machines, Dave has found quite a few engaging sessions. “I’ve found several areas of interest, and the sessions were all informative and helpful,” he said. Dave also tuned in for the economic and industry updates.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything, but it didn’t stop manufacturing technology. There are new products, processes, and solutions being released every day. Find the one you need—or share the one you have—all on IMTS spark.

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