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Category: Manufacturing Technology Mar 12, 2021

From custom products to custom solutions, manufacturing technology providers are no stranger to customization. Now you can get custom content.

Whether you need economic updates or supply chain news, innovative solutions or engaging conversations, has information you can use—and tailor to meet your needs.   

“The online content is so individualized. It is curated by you. It is much more targeted than what you get at an in-person event,” said Paxton Shantz, Digital Manufacturing Industry Manager for Beckhoff Automation LLC. He notes that accessing online content eliminates distractions and rushed agendas. Users can work at their own pace and focus on topics that really matter to them and their business.

We know. Everything is online. We all miss IMTS. We miss Chicago, and the electric atmosphere of McCormick Place, and humans—we really miss humans. But we also see the value of the digital solutions that have been developed to address the very real challenges of 2020.

Paxton agrees. He loves IMTS, but he also appreciates the original content on “IMTS is really about products—seeing products and finding products. The online content is much more about underlying technologies,” he explained. “Particularly with topics like additive manufacturing and Industry 4.0, the online content has helped me get a tangible grasp of the technologies.”

“The experts from IMTS helped me fully understand Industry 4.0 and its implications. They also gave me the motivation to plan for the future. I couldn’t have done that on my own,” Paxton concluded. For users, custom content leads to custom solutions and happy customers.

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