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Studying History, Shaping the Future

Category: IMTS Network Mar 16, 2021

Woman are making history in manufacturing technology every day. For Shelley Ratterman Keeton, a Sales Representative for MUBEA’s Disc Spring Division, learning about that history in the making is one of the biggest benefits of the original content on

“I really love all the materials and sessions on Women in Manufacturing,” Keeton said. “When you go to IMTS in person, there are other women there, but not nearly as many women as men. Learning about female industry leaders like Aneesa Muthana and Nicole Walter was interesting and inspiring. They are both leading companies that their fathers established—and they are flourishing.”

Beyond the content on Women and Manufacturing, Keeton also liked learning about the American Precision Museum, a historic landmark in Windsor, VT featuring a world-class collection of machine tools—including the Bridgeport #1. “Seeing all those old machines and learning about the rich history of the industry was really cool,” she said.

Keeton has also made some vital contacts with peers. “I followed up and connected with people I found intriguing. really helped me gain knowledge and valuable contacts,” she concluded.

From studying the history of the industry to learning about the women who are shaping the future of manufacturing, Keeton found educational and engaging content on Check out for resources designed exclusively for women who are making manufacturing move.

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