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$90 Million in Grants to Support Training, Employment Services for Workers Displaced by Pandemic

Category: Smartforce Aug 20, 2021

On August 19, the U.S. Department of Labor announced the availability of an increased $90 million in CAREER National Dislocated Worker Grants. Use this link to view the press release.

“Industry involvement is essential. We are encouraging the IMTS community to contact their local workforce agencies to ensure your workforce needs are represented in funding proposals. Reach out and inform workforce boards of your job openings and the skills they require,” says Catherine Ross, AMT Director of Education – AMT Smartforce Development. “Community workforce program applications are much more likely to be funded when they have industry support written into the project activities. Partnerships, MOUs, and letters of support from manufacturing companies will greatly improve an application’s award potential.”

While applicants are limited to states or outlying areas, local Workforce Development Boards, and a limited number of other organizations, the scope of grant activities present industry with an opportunity to establish talent pipelines, advise education partners on training curriculum, and convey their in-demand skills needs, particularly adopting or expanding Industry 4.0 technologies. Specifically, applicants will select one of the following grant activities:

  • Deliver comprehensive workforce services, including career, training and supportive services to help participants gain employment.
  • Purchase, build or expand virtual technology platforms, software systems or services for job search, career guidance, training or other allowable activities.

“By doubling down on these critical investments, the Department of Labor reinforces its commitment to invest in strategies to help American workers get the services and training they need to secure quality jobs as our economy recovers,” said Acting Assistant Secretary of Labor for Employment and Training Suzi LeVine. “These grants focus on local innovation and put resources in our communities to ensure the workers most impacted by the pandemic get reemployment support to ensure an equitable recovery.”

Use this link to find your local Workforce Development Board.

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