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IMTS 2022 Registration is Open

Category: IMTS 2022 Sep 21, 2021

The countdown for IMTS 2022 has kicked off! Here are six actions you can do now to enhance your IMTS 2022 journey.

  1. Register for IMTS 2022. Yes, registration is open now.
  2. Watch the webinar: IMTS 2022, One Year Countdown. Michelle Edmonson, senior director – events and content for AMT – The Association for Manufacturing Technology, and Steve Miller officially kicked off the countdown to IMTS 2022. They discussed everything you can expect at IMTS 2022.
  3. Search the IMTS 2022 Directory. Explore products, equipment, and services by more than 1,200 exhibitors. Type in key words by technology, product category, exhibitor name, location, or pavilion name.
  4. Connect with exhibitors by opening your free MyShow Account. Remember to opt in to connect with IMTS exhibitors.
  5. Explore IMTS upcoming online events and on-demand programs. Deepen your knowledge of emerging technologies, learn new marketing strategies and business practices tailored to the manufacturing industry, and get the latest economic forecasts.
  6. Sign up for the IMTS Insider, and follow IMTS on social media. Be the first to know what’s happening within the IMTS community.

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