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Amp Up Reshoring and Workforce Velocity: You Can't Have One Without the Other

Category: Supply Chain By: Catherine Ross, Director of Education, Smartforce Development, AMT - The Association for Manufacturing Technology Nov 19, 2021

Listen in as industry workforce expert Catherine Ross, director of education – smartforce development at AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, talks with American reshoring guru Harry Moser, longtime manufacturer and founder of the Reshoring Initiative. Together they identify actions employers can take to achieve the increased competitiveness and output required by reshoring. Their steps include:

  1. Establish efficient upskilling and retraining,
  2. Re-engage communities and local education partners to elevate a company’s public relations and establish new talent ecosystems, and
  3. Adopt apprenticeships as a talent management tool.

To boost your knowledge of the impact of America’s workforce in strengthening reshoring and alleviating supply chain challenges, read the following articles by Harry Moser:

About the Author

Catherine Ross is an advocate for career-tech education and the future of work. In her decade-plus in U.S. Manufacturing, she has directed quality accreditation programs, organized national STEM events and student competitions, and served as liaison and manager for federal workforce initiatives.

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