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The Evolving Environment of STEM Education

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In a field that is constantly innovating, it only makes sense for the way we teach STEM to innovate as well. Long gone are the days with a paper workbook and a calculator– today’s STEM education is becoming increasingly interactive, high tech and fun.

The Atlantic published an article over the weekend describing the five tools transforming the way we teach science, technology, engineering, and math– and it is well worth the read. As teachers, both at home and in the classroom, by integrating these new tools into the way we teach STEM, we can reinforce theoretical concepts by demonstrating their real-world applications. “By showing students that the knowledge is relevant and useful, teachers can help them unlock new realms of creativity in all scientific realms and possibly change their future career trajectories.” Read about the five tools that are transforming STEM education here, some of them may surprise you!

Originally posted on the MFG Advocate.

Photo Attribution to Neil Banerjee - Twelve-year-old Shubham Banerjee creates a braille printer out of Legos.​ 

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